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Elaine Yue

Elaine Yue runs as a workers' comp resource for business owners. In her 10 years as an auditor and manager, she has discovered that employers have too little knowledge about workers' comp. With this site, Elaine conveys the information in the clearest way possible — no industry jargon! Her goal is to arm businesses with knowledge so that they can take charge of the workers’ comp process, save time, and limit the aggravation.

Why You Should Do Your Own Workers’ Comp Audit

By on August 2, 2012 in Business Practices with 3 Comments
Why You Should Do Your Own Workers’ Comp Audit

I know, I know — you’re PAINTERS. Why should you waste your time doing your workers’ comp audit? Well, for starters, as business owners, I’m sure you all know not to blindly trust what anyone tells you. If you did, you wouldn’t have gotten where you are. So why should you trust an auditor? Don’t […]

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