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About Us

The Blogging Painters are an eclectic group of business owners whom are passionate about the painting industry. Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it? Like a bunch of guys who like watching paint dry? But it is more than that!

Let me tell you how it came about.

While my husband manages the day to day operations of our company, I manage the office, work with customers and spend time online building websites and using Social Media. I also work in an elementary school as a media specialist, so yes, I am a computer geek! I am active on forums and Social Media where I have met a variety of professionals and made many online friends.

In the course of the past few years I have helped many of my peers set up their own websites and navigate Social Media, I was recently called a “Social Butterfly”, and yep, I am and I love what I do! And I am much happier since I traded my TV in for a laptop! I believe that paint contractors who invest sweat equity in their digital footprint will be well positioned going forward in the big picture, it seems to be just a matter of breaking ourselves of the habit of looking for the instant ROI gratification.

The latest project many of us have been undertaking is writing and networking blogs, which is a cutting edge way to gain credibility and differentiation within the paint industry. A group of us were having a conversation on Painttalk about blogging after several of us entered the¬† Shootout. My “Blogging Buddy” suggested that someone needed to create a place for all of the talented painter/writers to gather, share their knowledge and learn. There are alot of contractors who have great thoughts and experiences to share, but lack the time or the technical skills to create and maintain a blog. This venue may help some of those people learn how to assemble an effective blog post, and maybe even build a blog. I hope to have the best in our industry share their thoughts on marketing and business practices as well as product reviews and project posts. The best way for us all to learn is by doing, and I am happy to create a format in which to do that!

Many of our contributors were recently listed in the 2011 “Who’s Who in the Painting Industry”, I feel we are already off to a great start, and I look forward to the journey. I hope you will join us!

Thanks for reading!

Chris Haught

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Chris, I’m looking foward to this virtual brainstorming session of painting contractors coming together from all over the world.


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