Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Axus Decor Painters Gloves

With the push  for more health and safety I have conceded to wearing painters gloves…. Having tried many different types and brands I have settled on Axus Decor Painters gloves! I have large hands and they fit nicely, and as quickly as they go on they come off, are not sticky and allow me to […]

Toolbox Tuesdays

What’s in your toolbox? I find it interesting all the different tools I read about and see online. I remember at the PDCA Expo in Las Vegas seeing many products that I thought, “what a great idea”! But I never have the time, resources or chance to do a review. For a review to be […]

Ladder Limb

   With the winter weather upon us and the use of ladders growing by the day take a look at Ladder Limb!   But by no means is it only for exterior work…. I have used mine recently whist working on a high stair well. The uses are endless, time saving is massive, and the safety […]