Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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1. Our audience is painters and paint contractors. While we have readers from various parts of our industry as well as homeowners, DIY’ers and suppliers, our primary audience is the painting community.

Content submitted to BP is intended to be for the purpose of sharing with professional paint contractors, and suitable for long term inclusion in the BP content archives. Submitted content that is clearly written for self-promotion of services or products, and lacking in organic and general usefulness to paint contractors will be returned to the author.

2. Content must be created exclusively for publication on BP. We encourage Authors to place links on their own blogs or websites of their article and we will share the post over our considerable and far-reaching Social Media network.

3. We strongly encourage the proper use of images (video or picture) to accompany/support textual content. Images that are submitted, if they depict paint process or product, must conform to generally accepted safety standards. Images for inclusion in articles must be owned by the writer or purchased for use through a image licensing website.

4. Product reviews must include disclosure of payment by the manufacturer or supplier, as well as if the product was provided for the purpose of reviewing.


1. Articles must be no longer than 750 words. Ideally we are looking for articles to be between 300 – 500 words. Larger covered topics can be divided into a series of articles. Articles need to be complete when submitted for publishing. We reserve the right to edit articles for length and content if required, but suggested you proofread carefully before submitting.

2. Articles should be broken into paragraphs with proper headings and title. We will accept no more than 3 external links in the body of the post.

3. Your photo, links and bio will appear in the Author Profile at the bottom of the post. You must have a Gravatar account to enable this feature.

4. We can accept your article in a shared Google Doc or an attached Word Doc. Please send your article, pictures and video to bloggingpainters(at)gmail.com


You will be notified when your article is published, and we expect you to respond to any comments and encourage you to share it on your own Social Network (facebook, twitter, etc).

Blogging Painters is the platform for industry professionals to educate and share important information without the drama and nonsense that sometimes plague online communities. And unlike other venues, we welcome industry professionals from ALL sectors to join in on the fun.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.