Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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How to Maintain Your Deck

A Seasonal Checklist for Decks… Decks are a great outdoor living space to enjoy for both relaxing and entertaining during three seasons of the year. In addition to the general traffic wear and tear that decks endure, they are also exposed to the most brutal of outdoor elements. Rain, sun, snow and ice wreak havoc […]

What’s Your Problem?

For years, I was an internet forum junkie. I think I have about 20,000 posts scattered across a few forums. Forums became less appealing for me when I realized that they have evolved as entertainment, but not as a consistently reliable format for professional dialogue. I may have finally kicked the habit. My opinion on […]

Content Continued…

The Original Content Conundrum Those of you that are readers of BP and articles on content like this one, know that we require original content on this site, and on our own individual business sites. That is not just because we happen to enjoy creating content, but also because we recognize the value of unique content […]

The More Things Change…

The more the internet kind of stays the same… The good news is that it is only getting easier to publish a professional blog. If you have any kind of computer and a smartphone, you are half way there. It’s the other half that makes the difference between a blog with substance and one that […]

Open Mike

If you are involved at any level in the paint industry, and you are reading this, then you probably spend some minutes of your day in some shape or form as a participant in the social medial and blog spheres. And you likely understand that part of that involves being open to using the power […]

To Prime or Not to Prime?

  This is a big topic in the residential paint world lately. The fact of the matter is that “self priming” paints are really nothing new. They have just been marketed recently in new and more creative ways. Benjamin Moore Regal, the old stuff of ten years ago, had self priming characteristics, and it said […]