Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Operational Planning – Part 4

Operations    As you are achieving success with your sales and marketing goals, you need to ensure that that you have a team in place that can perform with excellence. One of the worst experiences you can have is to build great relationships and opportunities with customers, to see it all disintegrate due to the inability […]

Operational Planning Part 3

ESTIMATING The cornerstone to your estimating operations is hiring/training excellent commercial estimators. Any changes with respect to your commercial estimating plan should ideally occur before or consecutively with the plan to establish a more solid customer base. You don’t want to generate more bidding opportunities than you can deliver on.  One of the key elements […]

Operational Planning – Part 2

Sales Department                        The Sales Manager should have good strengths as a leader, and not lacking experience with commercial painting in general. He/she specifically needs expertise in dealing with general contractors and with contract administration. This person’s skillset should also include managing the estimators under his/her supervision.  Plan – General Contractors With respect to dealing with […]

Operational Planning – Part 1

Most of us would like to expand and improve our Commercial painting operations, including Marketing, Estimating, Sales and Production. I would encourage anyone to set both short and long-term goals. These should be based on a very realistic evaluation of your resources: Financial, equipment, vehicles, skilled employees, market growth potential and how hard you are […]

The Price

No single factor creates as much havoc for industry companies as how to set the price.  The first complication is how to arrive at the best possible price; afterward the issue becomes how to sell it against competition that always seems to have a lower quote. Despite what you may have heard, a price has […]

Field Pulse

Here at Blogging Painters, we often are contacted by inventors, software developers and industry representatives. They are very interested in the feedback from our readers on products and ideas. Recently the folks at Field Pulse contacted us, they want to refine their product to make it better suited to the painting industry. I posted in […]

Understanding Project Manuals

Project Manuals are the other tool that is provided, along with blueprints, to enable us to assemble an accurate bid. Whether you are bidding to general contractors or directly to the owner of a project, often you will be provided with an FTP site link where you can download the “Plans and Specs”. Once you […]

The Bidding Process

 Putting it all together  The first step to any bid is of course to gather the quantities, whether you are measuring an existing structure or doing a takeoff from a set of plans. From there you must “extend” your numbers, either manually or by entering the information into an estimating program. There are many such […]