Monday, May 20, 2024
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What’s in your toolbox?

Painters have “stuff” As we are heading full force into the exterior season I am sure there are guys (like my husband Rob) who are digging thru toolboxes and finding tools in all sorts of buckets and places they don’t belong! Some guys have a pretty good system of organizing their tools, like Scott showed […]

Armed Work Wear-Easy on the knees

One of the fringe benefits of a having your wife and business partner involved in the paint industry online is the opportunity to learn about and try new products. I am still using and enjoying the new Purdy products I received and wrote about here. I’m sure I would have bought them when they reached […]

The Paint Jack-Not your average bucket hook.

Several months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dave of DJLTools online at He humbly introduced himself, and wanted to get his new product into the hands of some pros and get some feedback. Shortly after that introduction, I and several other painting contractors got one of his latest products, The Paint Jack. […]

Drying Rack Options

Drying Rack Systems When a paint contractor is working on a finishing project in the shop, whether trim pieces, windows, cabinet doors, shelves, or anything else, a big part of getting the job done efficiently is the racking system you use for all the parts. Like most contractors, shop space is at a premium and […]

A Man and His Tools

As a painter for over thirty years,  I have used just about every type of brush and roller out there. I have always felt an experienced painter can do a job well with just about any tool. The difference is how much easier, enjoyable and productive a particular tool can make a given task. So […]

Graco ProShot, on Further Review

Here is some new footage I shot this morning on the Graco ProShot. The intent is to help contractors determine where and how they would use the tool, by showing situations where we use the tool most effectively. I have reviewed the original 2000 psi ProShot as well as the Fine Finish Unit for publication in […]