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The mission of Blogging Painters is to improve our individual businesses, with the hope that if enough of us can do that, then the industry as a whole could get a little push forward. We all have an interest in that.

As a group here at BP, we feel that in order to archive the best and broadest of objective and thoughtful paint industry information for paint contractors, it is important to include as many knowledgeable and respected industry voices as possible.

These are people that we consider colleagues, whether they are business advisors, social media experts, or manufacturers.

We invite them to share their thoughts on the paint industry as they see it.

You can join the conversation by scrolling to the Comment Section on their posts.

We have several experts lined up to post, subscribe to Blogging Painters to be notified when they are published.

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out the form below.


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Chris Haught

Chris Haught

Editor at Blogging Painters at Partners in Sites
Chris Haught is the editor of Blogging Painters, the leading resource for paint contractors. Chris also works with contractors to improve their website and social media presence. When not blogging about the painting industry, she works in the educational sector as a media and technology mentor.
Chris Haught
Chris Haught
Chris Haught
Chris Haught

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