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Behr Marquee Paint Reviews

By on June 8, 2013 in Product Feedback

Behr announces Marquee, a new line of paint for contractors:

“The MARQUEE product is our most premier paint that delivers best-in-class performance and the ultimate in dirt resistance, ensuring exterior surfaces look freshly painted longer with reduced fade,” said Colin Jaffe, senior vice president of operations for professional products and services at Behr. “MARQUEE paint remains looking beautiful and luxurious, even under extreme weather conditions, allowing a professional to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the number of future repaints required—which in turn increases business efficiency and profitability.”

You can find out more by visiting the Behr Pro site here.  

Have you tried Behr Marquee yet? Leave a review below and tell others what your impressions are!

Behr Marquee Exterior paint

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Years ago I co owned a painting company. At the time Behr wasn't a paint we would use as it was low quality. As my husband recently met with a Behr rep. who's promised it was now a better product, I tried it. Nope, still a @#%%$ product, don't buy it!

Berh Marquee

5 5 1
I bought a light grey berh marquee to cover a darker colour room, it turns out beautiful, one coat cover fine and dry very fast. Will definitely buy again.

Marquee ultra white

1 5 1
If i could give this no stars I would. This has got to be the worst paint I have ever used. I have used regular Behr paint for years and LOVE IT. Not sure why I let the paint person talk me into this crap. It is very thin and I am on my 4th coat of white....originally it was also white and it is like painting with water colors. Complete garbage!

Behr Satin

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As bad as it gets for being able to work this paint. Horrible ...

Behr Marquee Eggshell Interior

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Made the mistake of not picking a marquee color the first time and the room required four coats. When discussing this with the paint department at Home Depot they failed to mention this was required, but compensated me anyway. Next room we were sure to choose a Marquee color and it still required two coats of paint. Very disappointed and would not choose Behr Marquee paint again. With the limited colors, the high cost and fact that you need a minimum of two coats anyway, it's simply not worth it.

Behr Marquee

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Sorry, but this is not a one coat interior paint. It's a nice paint, but there is no way it lives up to the hype. Two coats required whether I was painting a light color over dark color or light color over light color.

Behr Marquee Exterior Flat

2 5 1
Commerial customer picked Behr paint due to owning a HD card and all inteior paint used was Behr. I have never had an issue with Behr interior so I figured their exterior should be good. Purchased Marquee Exterior Flat Pure white to paint wood work and siding. It has taken 3 coats and still looks patchy. Instead of being in and out on this job I am behind almost a week with recoats and touch ups. Not a happy camper. The two stars are because this is not the worst paint I have encountered. But for the price and 'top of the line' I will not use again. Save your money if you have to buy Behr and get their low to mid grade and save the extra money.

Bebe Marquee

1 5 1
Terrible! This is definitely NOT a 1 coat paint. It dries splotchy and will now require a 3rd coat. I bought this paint for the 1 coat guarantee and WILL be getting my money back.

semi gloss ex. marquee

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Might as well join the chorus. This stuff does not cover. 3 coats plus. I just hope it at least gives good protection from the elements. Time will tell.

marquee semi gloss paint

3 5 1
No one coat about it. I'm on a 3rd coat. Looks nice but nope on the one coat!

Marquee Ext. Satin

4 5 1
Here is my NO BS review. Im a painting contractor by trade now for 30 years. I use all lines of paint such as SW and BM and the other home store brands. I decided to finally work on my own home and give this exterior product a try for its color retention that I couldn't get from the the "other" paints. My trim is a brown and body is a creaming white. So here is what I found using Marquee. The brown did cover 1 coat over the old purple brown( color became that way due to sun over the years). The creamish white was painted over a very light beige and ALMOST covered in 1 coat. Soo close but a second was required. Paint is thick and make sure you you QUALITY brushes and rollers! My trim and body is a raised rough trim so I had no problem with the finish BUT I could see a home owner with no painting experience having trouble getting a uniform appearance since this product is thick and dries very fast. I guess you could put a extender to the paint to give it more open time.This product claims to be rain safe after 1 hour so it gets up and dries!Also I wish this product came in eggshell or flat.The Satin I used is more like a Semi-Gloss or Gloss. It does look very good though almost like the area I painted were dipped in glass.Would I use this product again?? Well let's see how my brown color holds up to the Texas Sun.

Behr marquee

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Removed painters tape and paint peeled from ceiling. Paint just peels from the surface. A tremendous waste of money.

Behr Marquee Paint Reviews Overall rating: ★★☆☆☆ 1.7 based on 37 reviews
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behr marquee


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