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Behr Marquee Paint Reviews

By on June 8, 2013 in Reader Reviews

Behr announces Marquee, a new line of paint for contractors:

“The MARQUEE product is our most premier paint that delivers best-in-class performance and the ultimate in dirt resistance, ensuring exterior surfaces look freshly painted longer with reduced fade,” said Colin Jaffe, senior vice president of operations for professional products and services at Behr. “MARQUEE paint remains looking beautiful and luxurious, even under extreme weather conditions, allowing a professional to increase customer satisfaction and reduce the number of future repaints required—which in turn increases business efficiency and profitability.”

You can find out more by visiting the Behr Pro site here.  

Have you tried Behr Marquee yet? Leave a review below and tell others what your impressions are!

Not What It's Cracked up to be

I have used it on walls and trim. The performance on walls was actually pretty good, but not one coat coverage. I was painting a white wall a dark gray. Coverage was good, but I still had to put a light coat over for 100% coverage. The trim required a full second coat and the application was a learning experience. Marquee needed to be applied fairly heavy, but if you went too heavy it would run, too light and it definately needed two coats. Also, you had to be careful not to over brush or over roll or you started lifting paint back off the surface. It was difficult to work with. I don't think it was worth the money.”
- Dean's Painting/Home Serevices


I recently bought interior Marque paint and I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I's not a one coat paint as explained to me at Home Depot, why? When trying to go back into an area I had previously painted with in the last 5-10 minutes it either got thick and left visible brush marks or if you did so with the roller it would pull the paint off the wall somewhat. I had hoped to complete my project in one day, but I feel the need to allow areas to dry thoroughly to sand to do retouch that should have never happened. I have used the Behr primer and one that originally came out a few years ago and I find I prefer that product over the Marque.”
- lori Clayton

not a one-coat paint

I recently used the marquee paint. It is definitely not a one coat paint! I wrote to the company as they claim this is guaranteed. I feel for the cost of the paint they should refund for making a claim that is not true.”
- disappointed


I have used Behr interior paints (including Behr Ultra)for years and been very pleased with the results. However, that is not the case with Behr Marquee. Even thought the color on the wall was very close to the Behr Marquee shade, the coverage was not good, in fact not as good as previous experiences with Behr paint. I will not be using this product again.”
- Barbara Oberle

behr marquee

Hated it - like putting putty on my walls. LOVE Behr Ultra!”
- joan

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