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Latex Agent Hard Coat

By on June 6, 2015 in Product Feedback

“Hard Coat creates a long-lasting, durable surface that resists nicks. Great for interior and exterior painting projects, walls, doors and high traffic areas.”

From the Latex Agent website

Latex Agent is offering free samples of Hard Coat to readers, click here to get yours! After you try it, come back and let others know what you thought by filling out the form below.


Thanks to Danny of Arey Painting  and Ken Coulter for sharing their pics!

Arey Painting

Arey Painting

Ken Coulter

Ken Coulter


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I have used HardCoat in many places where extra toughness and burnish resistance is a must. This product is excellent. Using HardCoat will extend your dry times in between coats. Make sure to follow their dry time recommendations. With HardCoat you can turn just about any coating into a cabinet grade hardness. I'd rate this product as one of the most innovative advances in the coatings industry is a long time.

Hard Coat

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After having problems at the paint store getting the paint that I wanted to use for this project, I settled for paint that is great, but not known for its hardness. So I added Hard Coat to the final coat of paint and I was extremely happy with the byproduct of adding excellent workability to the paint. I used it for some doors in a dog training facility so I will have to go back in the future to see how it holds up, but for now I am very happy with it.

Works Hard for You

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Used the Hard Coat on some Behr Interior Ultra satin... One of my complaints in the past with some of Behr's paint has been that it is soft or takes a long time to harden. Not any more! This stuff seems to have really worked on giving the paint a nice hard surface, and pretty much in no time at all (paints usually harden of a corse of a couple weeks). I wanted to wait for a worthy project to try the Paint Harden out. Baseboards in a new room is what I used it on because they need to stand up to vacuuming and getting scraped and bumped. I hate using Oil, so the Hard Coat is a God send.
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