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Concrobium Products to fight Mold


Concrobium Professional Restoration Products is proud to manufacture some of the most innovative solutions on the market for remediation professionals.  We take great pride in producing solutions that not only save professionals time and money on restoration jobs but are also leave job sites safe for the people who reside in those space long after the job is done.  Professional restoration contractors who use Concrobium Products are making a commitment to the safety of their clients and they should be recognized for going the extra mile:

Source: Concrobium Mold Products

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Concrobium Mold Control

Turns out Concrobium has several products. I have only tried their Mold Control which I purchased at Home Depot. The Mold Control is not so much for removing the stain, but rather for halting it's growth and protecting the surface from further Mold. From My research, the dark stains are really not the Mold itself, but rather a by-product of the spores. Apparently (this is according to what I learned so check it out for yourself) the spores secrete the black stuff in order to break down whatever food source they find. This makes sense to me because the spores themselves are invisible to the naked eye, which is why I almost always treat whatever surface I'm about to paint as though it has mold on it (because it probably does. All this to say that when using this particular product you may not see the stains vanish as with their other product which is designed to do so. It is important to remember when using a product such as this, that any moisture needs to be addressed so as to mitigate (fancy word for "help prevent") Mold growth. I plan on calling the company to see if their products can be used and then painted over without removal. Mold remediation is a very tricky business. The more you try to learn, the more confusing it can be, and everyone has their own take on it. Bleach or Clorox will kill spores on hard surfaces (non-porus like formica etc.) but is very poor at getting to the spores on porous things like wood or painted wood. Remember, Bleach is just that, it bleaches things, it doesn't clean them. Just because the stain is gone, doesn't mean the spore is killed. I like to tell people this: If I spill Bleach on My red shirt, it turns the area white, but the shirt is still there! Often times it is the same way with mold; the stain is eliminated while the spore is still alive and it will grow again Concrobium is just the opposite (again, I'm refering to the Mold Control, not their stain remover). I live in Hawaii where Mold is a big problem, so I am very passionate about the subject.I have a few trade secrets, but I also like to share a lot of information. Heres one you may or may not have seen on the shelf lately; It's called "Mold Killing Primer" by Zinser. Home Depot has it as well as Lowes. So far the paint companies don't carry it here in Hawaii. Hope this helps.
- Concrobium


We typically use bleach type products and they do an ok job on most decks. I used the Concrobium Deck product on a deck that NEVER saw the sun, was wet most of the year, and had NOT been maintained at all by the consumer. Strangely we had had a localized hail storm and I decided to try the Concrobium product out as price would not be an issue. OMG. quick, clean, new looking deck, happy customer... what else could I possibly look for. GREAT product and will use again and again and again. Where can I but it locally... force box stores and paint stores to carry this exceptional product. PLEASE!!!! Price is NOT an issue .. this is an incredible value.
- Concrobium Deck product

Perfect for the job

Recently had the opportunity to use Concrobium House and deck wash on a cedar deck that had massive areas of mold and mildew. I will say the product performed exactly as I would have expected and I will be very surprised if the deck shows any mold or mildew in the treated areas for years. Very easy to use, we had no issue with vegetation around the deck (wet it down first as always) and once dry the deck was easily stained and looks wonderful. Great product. I will try others.
- Concrobium House and Deck wash
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