Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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ben Exterior Semi Gloss

There are a few times when I first use a product that is so easy to work with I find myself smiling. This week was one of those times when I chose ben semi gloss for some exterior doors I was painting. There were two different substrates – fiberglass and smooth steel, and two application methods. I chose to brush the simulated wood grain fiberglass, and spray the smooth steel with my airlesco airless using a 211 ff tip.

The results for both were outstanding. Brushing this deep base blue was wonderful, no drag what so ever. The dry time was great as well, and two coats were applied in the same day. Temps were in the high 50’s with around 68% humidity, and coats were dry to the touch in about an hour. The finish as you can see in the pics is almost flawless. I will comfortably use this paint again without hesitation. I really can’t say enough how easy this paint was to work with, which makes it a great DIY product for all those weekend warriors out there.

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  1. I have been looking to build a good professional opinion on the topic. Your post got me a step further in the right direction. Many thanks 🙂

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