Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Benjamin Moore ben interior

ben flat
red covering very well over white primer
I am really impressed with how well this mid range paint performs. This flat red was applied over high build primer in white, and it was close to 100% coverage. Pleasing to see an affordable paint perform this well. This flat red easily sanded today, it was painted yesterday morning. So about 12 hrs cure.

I am also using ben semi gloss for the doors and trim. I had to apply the semi gloss at a higher pressure than I usually do with an airless to get the finish I wanted. We also had an oops in one of the doors, and it got bumped when wet. After about 30 hrs cure it also easily sanded completely out and when re-sprayed was invisible. Stay tuned for more info on ben interior, it looks to be a winner thus far.

interior painting with ben
A very good trim paint

7 thoughts on “Benjamin Moore ben interior

  1. We have used Ben both inside and out and no complaints. We were doing a huge Victorian exterior and our supplier ran out of AURA so we tried the Ben and covered just as well.

    Interior egg on walls was easy on rolled and semi brushed out on trim was OK, same old run and sags you have to keep an eye on..

  2. We usually use Regal, or Aura, when it can be budgeted. Gave Ben a trial run with about 20 gallons and three different colors (tow light and one dark). For a professional, this paint performed very poorly. It covered fine with the roller on two coats, but the brushing around the edges was some of the worst I’ve ever seen. A third coat was required in all three colors around the edges of rooms. It is better than Super Spec, and I’m sure it covers well when sprayed (but what paint doesn’t). Get the word out – this is a poor addition to the Ben Moore line. I avoid it at all costs. Don’t be fooled.

    1. It seems as though it depends on how much tint is put into the product reflects how well it performs for me. For instance a base 2 or 3 which are used for mid to darker colors seem to cover better and have less drag when applying the second coat. When I use a base 1 with a lighter color it’s more opaque and drags more on the 2nd coat even after cured. Overall it’s a pretty good mid-grade product. Exterior Ben performed very well for me. Just did my own home in it last summer. We’ll see if it lasts as long as the Moore Guard which lasted me an unusual 10 years with very little peeling.

  3. Just finished interior project. Dark and light colors. Wow the Ben with the primer in it is the least user friendly paint I ever used. Dries really quick, sticky and so on. I don’t like to complain but I’ve used so many paints. Martha Stewart white gloss latex was the cheapest I ever bought and actually worked better. Also, only flat paint I ever used where cutting in a line later for a touch up (tune up) did not blend in as with every other paint I ever used. Very strange. There was a sheen. And this was with all of the gallons. Job all ready had more than the usual amount of obstacles and this stuff really almost had me flipping out for real. Super spec is perfectly OK.

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