Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Bottom Feeder

Don Searcy, the inventor of the Bottom Feeder has invented a product that he says:

In the paint industry, time and resources are a valuable asset. Any time saved during the cleaning process, by making clean-up faster, enables you to get more work done and finish more jobs! With resources saved through the use of less water, you not only put money in your pocket but are all the while environmentally conscious. But there is more! Not only will you save time and save on water, less paint is wasted saving you more resources and creating less of a mess to clean-up. With its unique design, not only can a sprayer be used in the paint industry, but also in fields such as cleaning, decontamination, agriculture and much more.


This has sparked some interesting conversations among painters, and Don was kind enough to send several kits out to our Product Feedback team, check back here to see what they, and others have to say!

You can also Follow them on Facebook or check out the website here.

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