Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Color your world!

Do you like to play it safe and pick neutral colors when choosing colors for your new home? Are you afraid of trying something new? Do you get overwhelmed by all the color choices?
You are not alone! Many people feel the same way, and several experts have offered their expertise to help you. You can check out Toronto Colour Consultants to see how to use color on your ceilings! Look at Sherwin Williams Lifestyle Collection to see the latest in color trends. Launch the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer for even more color ideas!
Are you ready for color now! Let RC Painting help you bring warmth and life to your home with color! Check out the colors some of our customers have chosen!

4 thoughts on “Color your world!

  1. You are so right about color choice, Chris. I get stuck looking at all the color samples when it comes to painting a room. This is where I rely on professionals such as yourself to guide me to make good decisions.

  2. Colors can be difficult for some. I know when picking my colors or helping a client out there is that nervous feeling that hopes that I/we got to bold, bright, pink, yellow, etc. Chris, what can I do to bring a worried mind to rest? if someone like myself is just not sure if the color I chose is the perfect fit for me.

  3. That is a great question! Many times I have a customer that wants a bold color, but is unsure. Sherwin Williams has ““Colors to Go”, small containers of colors. I often will paint a 5' by 5' area and let the customer "live" with the color for a few days. This helps to see the color in different light during the day and under artificial light at night. You can learn more here,

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