Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Commercial Painting in Cedar City, Utah

Living and working in a small rural area often presents many challenges for small businesses. Many small business owners find it difficult to keep a full crew busy all year long, especially in these economic times. The construction industry has been especially hard hit in Southern Utah.

There are many contractors who have downsized their staff and then find themselves without an experienced crew to complete larger jobs in a timely manner. Many of these contractors will hire day labor from an employment agency like SOS Staffing, and hope that the employee has some safety training or experience.

Some may hire a friend, an inexperienced person, or worse, an illegal immigrant. They will often pay cash under the table, as setting up someone on payroll and Workers Compensation can be costly and time consuming.

RC Painting of Cedar City and Piazza Painting of St. George have had these same issues, we wanted to keep our experienced, insured and trained employees working all year round. In order to accomplish this, we work together often on larger projects, such as the Genpak addition in Cedar City. By combining our resources, we are able to complete jobs like these with experienced staff and the right equipment!


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