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Creating a Contest on Facebook: Should You Make a Timeline Contest or an App Contest?

medium_3972319375Third-party apps were the gold standard (and only applicable method) of holding Facebook contests. However, the new changes made two additional options: timeline contests and Facebook app contests. For many painting businesses it can be difficult to determine which one to utilize.

Timeline Contest

Timeline contests will suit small businesses better than it would suit large businesses.


  • Easy to setup and can quickly gain a fanbase.
  • Easier to engage with users and announce winners.
  • Free-to-run contests and sweepstakes.
  • Compatible with mobile devices.


  • No email addresses received.
  • Will not grow your likes like an app might.
  • Needs a link to the rules and terms of agreement.
  • Validating like and comment based contests is more difficult.

Facebook App Contest

Facebook apps are more sufficient for larger businesses and larger contests.


  • Able to gather email addresses.
  • Give better control and aesthetics over the contest.
  • Can choose to force fans to like the page before they can see the contest.
  • Easier to reshare the contest several times on timeline in the course of its running.
  • Ability to post rules and terms of service in the app.
  • Shows metrics of who is entering and where they saw the link.


  • Cost of Facebook apps can be astronomical, especially if you are already on a low budget.
  • Facebook apps are not always mobile device-friendly at lower price points.

How Contests Can Help Your Business

Regardless of the type of contest you choose to create, it can help your business grow if you do it right. Here’s how:

  1. Contests show your fans that you care about catering to their needs and interacting with them. Havahart loves testing their fans’ knowledge with their trivia contest, where they give away motion sensor sprinklers and other products.
  2. Contests put your products and services under the spotlight, persuading customers and new fans to try them. If you have good quality products within a reasonable price range, you can turn potential fans into long-term clients, even if they don’t win.
  3. People love to win, and they love sharing contests with their friends so they can win, too. Contests will increase the reach of your brand.

It can be hard to reach out to new people on Facebook. Holding Facebook contests gives businesses the opportunity to display their products and services. Contests and other promotions reel people in, while your products keep them coming back and becoming fans of your product.

3 thoughts on “Creating a Contest on Facebook: Should You Make a Timeline Contest or an App Contest?

  1. I held a Facebook timeline contest for my fiancé’s small sewing business. It reached and engaged more people than any post the business had ever done and increased likes to her page by 15%. The cost was 50GBP in prizes. One important point was that the prizes were all sewing-based, so the increased engagement and new likes weren’t just from people after a prize, but people interested in her business.

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