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DAP ALEX FAST DRY Acrylic Latex Caulk Plus Silicone

alex fast dry

alex fast drySpecifically formulated to meet the demanding needs of professional painters and deliver outstanding paint finish results. It can be brush painted 20 minutes after application or spray-painted immediately, so the job gets finished faster. This durable, flexible caulk is resistant to cracking and dirt pick up, providing a smooth surface for excellent paint adhesion. Also, it won’t discolor or “shine” through paint, creating a clean finish. DAP ALEX FAST DRY offers all-purpose versatility with adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces and is easy to apply and tool.  It is low in odor, cleans up easily with water and is backed by a 50-year guarantee. Available in white in a 10.1 fl. oz. standard cartridge size and a 5.5 fl. oz. squeeze tube. Source

Thanks to DAP to providing product to several of our readers to try.

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Painting Contractor

My rating is misleading because it is based on the old formula. We quit buying the Alex Fast Dry a couple of years ago when they went from the 40 minute to the 30 minute dry time because it cracked out so bad. Am interested in trying the new formula!
- DAP Alex Fast Dry Caulk

Fast Dry

Was truly impress with this product, having tired most everything on the market at one time or another, great for new work when we need to get it done
- Fast Dry


I used my Dap provided sample, it tooled nicely had good workability was creamy but there were air bubble...I hate Air bubbles!!!
- Alex fast dry

Great caulk

I was provided with some fast dry caulk to try. I was very satisfied with the results. Caulking comes out nicely and applies evenly. I always smooth with a finger and lines were nice and smooth. Within a short amount of time, no more than 30 mins I was able to paint it. Paint went on evenly and impossible to tell it had been caulked.
- Alex Fast Dry

Alex Fast Dry

My company received a couple sample tubes of Alex Fast Dry. My painters were very happy with the results from using it. The caulk flowed smoothly and applied evenly. We were able to paint within 30 minutes and the caulk did not show brush lines or any shine marks. I would recommend this product to others and continue to use it at our company. Thank you for the trial run.
- Jerry Fancher

Alex Fast Dry

I really like this product as I do a significant amount of new moulding. By the time I finish caulking a wall I'm ready to go back and paint it. It gets a nice firm finish on it within 20 mins and paint covers really well.
- Bob Meriam
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