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Festool Extractors Full Unit Hepa Certified-RRP Vacuum

Here at Blogging Painters we try and keep our readers informed of the latest changes in the industry. We would not be able to do that without the group of contractors we network with on a daily basis. Many of our contributors also maintain their own blogs where they share their expertise.   Scott Burt of Topcoat Review  has been doing a lot of work with Festool lately and showing painters that Festool products are not just for carpenters! So when he posted about the Festool Extractors being RRP Certified, I thought we needed to know about that! So head over to Topcoat Review and see what is new, and check out the latest sprayers, primers, pants, lights and more!


I love a man who can accessorize!

7 thoughts on “Festool Extractors Full Unit Hepa Certified-RRP Vacuum

  1. Chris, thanks for the post, it is an important hurdle for our industry to jump over…getting some clarity on the tool investment side of an rrp related issue. For a manufacturer to take a proactive stance and lead the charge is just dynamite.

    1. I agree Scott, and thanks for the updates! Vacuums have been one of the most misunderstood issues of RRP. Dean Lovvorn has done a great job of keeping our readers up to date on the rules of RRP, but we need to find some bloggers who are doing RRP and discuss practices, procedures and tools in the field. If anyone out there wants to share how they are following RRP in the field, please contact us.

  2. I would disagree about festools being proactive in this hazmat field. They could have had certification a long time ago, as I believe their filtration specs have long met the 99.95% efficient level. In fact the main reason I didnt buy a Festools vac last year was because of that lack of certification. Great performance and design yes, but legal to use with haz materials – in the eyes of the authorities, no. There are a whole string of manufacturers offering H type vacs that exceed the levels required, Festools have only just paid up and joined their party. It is to their credit, but I think its all a bit of marketing fluff to hail themselves as some sort of innovators in this particular area!

  3. We at CDCLarue have had an EPA RRP compliant vacuum since April of 2010. Unfortunately we are a young and small (but growing rapidly) company. We manufacture the Pulse-Bac brand of vacuums and have the certified HEPA vacuum required if you are in the RRP industry (or asbestos). Most recent tests were June of 2011 by outside lab (whole unit,not just filter test) with the average result of 99.99% efficient at 0.3 microns plus truely automatic self cleaning filters, no button to push, shakers or air compressor. Check us out at or for the absolute best vacuum on the market.

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