Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Finding Joy in the Daily Tasks of a Painter.

I may be a strange person, I admit it, lots of people in this business are. Artists are made that way, it they were normal they wouldn’t have the talent to create like they do. I think finishers of all trades have to have two things to be great. An artistic side, and an eye for details. Being a re-modeler, many times I am doing something other than painting. This week I was able to do one of my favorite things, and that is spray finishes.

Once all that tedious prep work of sanding, filling, and dusting are done then you have to find optimal spray settings for your situation. Finding the right reduction, and pressure coupled with the right spray tip can take a few minutes of trial and error. However once you dial those details you can pretty much put your mind on cruise control and focus on good spray technique. I find it so therapeutic to spray interior finises that I know people will see and feel every day. Doors are one of the most important details a painting contractor would do well to pay extra attention to.

The coating I was applying was Benjamin Moore Super Spec Acrylic Semi- Gloss Enamel 281. This is a contractor grade finish, so nothing special considering there are much better enamels on the market. None the less I was happy to paint these doors, and know I made this finish look and feel as good as possible.


I just wanted to say to my readers to take the time to enjoy the small moments in your daily life and let pride be your reward every once in a while.

10 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Daily Tasks of a Painter.

  1. The best thing about spraying is that after days of Prepwork, once you fire up the sprayer for an hour or two, suddenly the clients think you finally STARTED working.

  2. There are to many things that really have become things I dread doing, even in my personal life and I don’t know why. I hope I can turn that around and make those things we have to do less work like.

  3. Good article Tommy. It is easy to start to feel over run with the stresses of the day to day operation which can make me feel dread of my to do list, usually when I am feeling this way I get small reminders throughout the day of why I enjoy what I do, they can be as simple as basic appreciation from a customer or a simple hug from my kids. It is a balancing act sometimes and easy to feel overloaded. Just wanted to say thanks for the read.

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