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FrogTape® Brand Introduces Pro Grade Orange™ Painter’s Tape Sticks Better Than Beige™, Even in Hot and Humid Conditions


AVON, OHIO (March 2020) — When it comes to most paint jobs, contractors need a tape that will stick until the job is done. And while sharp paint lines aren’t always necessary for production grade painting, a premium product is. That’s why FrogTape® brand developed Pro Grade Orange™. 

With the addition of Pro Grade Orange, FrogTape now offers a full range of painter’s tape solutions for any job. This premium grade production painter’s tape offers high adhesion to stick to a variety of surfaces, even in hot and humid conditions. It also provides 3-day clean removal without shredding, making it the only production painter’s tape that’s good enough to be called FrogTape.

Better Than Beige
From prepping to cleaning up, FrogTape helps professionals navigate every job with high-quality products that ensure professional results. This dedication to improving painting with innovative thinking has built the FrogTape brand from a single tape to a range of products for pros. FrogTape Pro Grade Orange is no exception. 

This innovative tape features a conformable backing for ease of use on interior and exterior surfaces, while advanced adhesive technology allows it to adhere to light fixtures, doorknobs, doorways, windows and a variety of other surfaces that can challenge even the best beige masking tapes. 

Unlike some beige masking tapes, FrogTape Pro Grade Orange makes cleanup a breeze. It leaves zero residue behind and will not shred during the removal process, which saves time and hassle, keeping jobs on time and on budget. 

“Anywhere a contractor uses beige masking tape, they can now use FrogTape Pro Grade Orange,” said Patti LaPorte, director of marketing for FrogTape brand. “It features a stronger backing paper and more advanced adhesive than standard beige masking tapes, making it the premium alternative for discerning painting professionals.”

Now Available Nationwide
FrogTape Pro Grade Orange is now available nationwide at a wide range of retailers, including Kelly Moore, PPG and All Pro. It is also available online at


The FrogTape ® brand, marketed by ShurTech Brands, LLC, offers premium-quality, innovative painting tapes that feature patented PaintBlock® Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that seals the edges of the tape which keeps paint out and keeps lines sharp. For more information on FrogTape ® brand painter’s tape, visit, like us on Facebook® (; follow us on Twitter® (@FrogTape); follow us on Instagram® (@FrogTape); follow our boards on Pinterest® ( or watch us on YouTube® (


ShurTech Brands, LLC, markets DIY (Do It Yourself), Professional and Home & Office consumer products under the Duck®, T-Rex®, FrogTape®, Painter’s Mate® and Shurtape® brands. The company is a subsidiary of Shurtape Technologies, LLC, Hickory, N.C., an industry-leading producer of pressure-sensitive masking, duct, packaging and specialty tape products, with facilities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Peru, United Arab Emirates and China. Shurtape services numerous markets, including industrial, packaging, HVAC, professional paint, auto, marine, aerospace, arts and entertainment, and retail. Shurtape also manufactures and markets the Shurtape® and Kip® brands. Visit for more information.

One thought on “FrogTape® Brand Introduces Pro Grade Orange™ Painter’s Tape Sticks Better Than Beige™, Even in Hot and Humid Conditions

  1. The orange Frog tape is a good idea. I’ve used the green and yellow Frog tape on a daily basis for at least half a decade.

    My first thought was to use the orange on hardwood flooring when laying down floor paper during Kitchen cabinet refinishing projects.

    The blond 2020 tape is thin and can leave a residue behind if on for more than a day. I usually do the perimeter with the yellow on newer floor finishes, and the green on older floors.

    The same goes for taping exterior windows. We often leave them taped for 3-4 days.

    -Ted R
    Eco Star Painting

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