Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Latex Agent Oil Bond

oil bond

oil bondOil Bond helps latex adhere to oil-based surfaces without the need to sand or prime. Great for use on cabinets, trim and doors.

From the Latex Agent website

Latex Agent is offering free samples of Oil Bond to readers, click here to get yours! After you try it, come back and let others know what you thought by filling out the form below.


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Oil Bond is the Bomb

After meeting with the Latex Agent crew at the PDCA Expo I received a free bottle of oil bond in the mail shortly after. A couple weeks ago I tried it out on some pretty slick oil trim. This stuff works exactly as advertised after a 24 cure I tried to scratch it off and the paint wouldn't budge. I'll definitely be ordering some more and I can't wait to try their other products.
- Oil Bond

Oil Bond

Oil Bond works!! I have had the opportunity to try it twice now on high gloss oil based finishes, once on an exterior door frame and once on an interior door frame. Worked beautifully both times with a strong bond. I'm sold.
- Danny Arey