Monday, May 20, 2024
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Online Marketing for Painting Contractors?

marketing your business onlineGreat article on some easy tips to market your company online!

I talk to a lot of contractors who get overwhelmed with the amount of Social Media tips out there. Should I Facebook? Be a Tweeter? Join Linkedin?  There is no right answer, you need to do what is right for you and your company, here  are a few more ideas!


Small business marketing used to mean direct mailings, flyers, and postcards listing the latest deals, promotions and specials. As a kid, I would earn a nickel for every envelope I stuffed for my father’s insurance business and a few extra dollars if I sorted them by ZIP code before I gave them to him. I have a feeling today’s kids aren’t earning their extra change that way.

Because the Internet has changed all that. Today marketing your small business means doing things to help you gain visibility on the Web. It’s about reaching real-life customers through online portals and giving them a reason to come visit you in store. Below are 9 ways small business owners can market their businesses online. Ideally, you’re already doing a combination of these.

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Tell us below what you are doing to get your company online!

3 thoughts on “Online Marketing for Painting Contractors?

  1. I think it’s key to realize that people don’t want direct mailers anymore – if and when I need a contractor I’ll likely ask a friend, or hit up Google. There is no need in 2013 to sift through flyers when I have everything at my finger tips. With that said, I think social media is important, but only if it is supporting proper web marketing efforts that eventually bring in more leads.

    1. I agree Zac, just today I needed a service provider and I didn’t even consider the brand new phone book that just got dropped on my doorstep. I went only looking for someone that had a social presence I could check out, then head to the website. Thanks for stopping by!

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