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How Can Painting Contractors Use Google Posts?

What Are Google Posts?

Anytime there is an opportunity to occupy more real estate on Google, it is a good idea to take advantage. The latest way to capture more of this coveted real estate are Google Posts. A new feature rolled out to every business in June, Google Posts are snippets of information businesses can add to Google that show up in organic search results. They appear under your Google My Business listing when someone specifically searches for your painting business:

How do I use Google Posts?

Google Posts are accessed through your Google My Business account. Just login, then click on Posts from the left hand column menu. This will launch the create post window. In many Google My Business accounts, it will carry a blue “NEW” label.

Accessing Google Posts Via Google My Business Menu
There are four main types of Google Posts: Events, Offers/Specials, Product Updates, and Announcements. Every post can include a relevant photo, a 100 to 300 word description, and a call to action button that directs traffic to your website or landing page.

How can a painting contractor use Google Posts?

Of the four types of posts, Offers make the most sense for painting contractors. They are a great opportunity to post special offers (essentially coupons) that will help any painter capture more real estate on Google, drive website traffic, and generate leads. Here’s an example offer any painter could post:

Each post remains live in the search results for 7 days, so it is important to come up with a variety of offers that can be posted week over week. Here are a few ideas:

  • $500 Off Any Exterior House Repainting Project
  • 10% Off Paint & Materials
  • Paint 3 Rooms Get 1 Room Free
  • $500 For a Full Day of Painting

For more on Google Posts and how your painting business can start using them, checkout the Google Help Tutorial or contact the marketing experts at AltaVista Strategic Partners. They can be reached by email or by calling 443-960-4004. They will gladly answer any follow up questions at no cost and you can mention this post for a free marketing consultation!

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