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Roller Squeegee

The Amazing Roller Squeegee

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Thanks to the folks at Obvious Solutions for sending out Roller Squeegees to our readers.

Click here to learn more and order.

Roller Squeegee

I thought this was a very creative invention. It looks really neat and it seems to be made very well. It was a little awkward to use at first but that is the case with a lot of new tools, you just need to become familiar with it. It worked as advertised but you will need to put pressure against the roller for short nap rollers, such as 1/4" & 3/8", to get all of the paint out. I don't believe I will switch my cleaning practices for 9" roller covers but this tool can be very useful for 14' & 18" roller covers. I do wish the space used for passing through the roller handle was a little bigger to account for wooster 18" frames, but with that said I was able to make it barely fit near the very end. Not sure if it will work that way for all 18" frame brands. I'm still trying to figure out what the threaded handle is for.
- Danny Arey

Roller Squeegee

The tool is well made but I have to say a 5 in 1 works as fast and is easier to clean quickly than the roller squeegee. If it fit through my Wooster 18" frame I might see myself using this product often but it does not. Great Idea, just not worth the extra space needed for minimal 9" roller use.
- Roger Coulter

Roller Squeegee

Great tool, but would have been nice to have it work with an 18" roller cage. Defiantly a keeper for the 9" roller
- RSR Painting Limited

Roller Squeegee

Worked nicely on a 3/4 nap 9" roller. Unfortunately i use 18"s most of the time so this product would rarely be used
- Michael Craine@ Craine Painting LLC

roller squeegee

Not real impressed. I think maybe the one I got was not made small enough, it just slipped over my covers without getting hardly any paint out. My five and one always works.
- Christopher Nelson

Roller Squeegee

A very small niche product that doesn't perform much better than a 5-in-1 tool. I found myself having to use it several times on the same roller in order to completely get all of the paint out from it. Combined with the facts that it doesn't work with all types of roller frames, and that it tends to get messy, I would be very hard to justify purchasing one.
- Tristan Hamberg
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