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Scope Technologies Launches Time-Saving Tool for Painting Contractors


PaintScope® Delivers Comprehensive Measurement Reports for Painting Preparation

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) April 29, 2014 — Work just got a whole lot easier for painting contractors!

Painters will never have to worry about risking measurement errors, running out of paint midway through a job, or sketching elevations ever again. Scope Technologies, the leading provider of remote aerial measurements, is pleased to announce the launch of PaintScope®, a new tool that uses advanced takeoff technology to compile precise measurements of a home or building’s exterior surfaces into an easy-to-use report.

“PaintScope® was designed with busy painting contractors in mind,” says Jerod Raisch, Founder of Scope Technologies. “Contractors can have hours worth of measuring and drawing work completed for them by simply ordering a PaintScope® report online. Painting companies will save time and money by minimizing manpower, driving time, fuel consumption, planning efforts, and wasted paint.”

Each PaintScope® report, compiled into an environmentally friendly five pages, includes satellite imagery of the structure; clean elevation drawings of the structure from every angle with color-coding to distinguish surface types; and complete, accurate measurements of all surfaces including:

-Fascia, window and corner trims


-Outdoor ceilings


-Doors, garage doors and garage door trims

-Surfaces of the same body colors

-Any other surface that could potentially be painted

PaintScope® reports can be branded with the painting contractors’ company logo and color-scheme so that contractors can share their measurement reports with customers or potential customers, demonstrating their professionalism and painting expertise. “It’s the little details that make PaintScope® such an incredible benefit to contractors,” says Raisch. “From the detailed elevation drawings to the branded reports that helps with sales, PaintScope® is essential for helping painting professionals improve their business’ bottom line.”

PaintScope® reports come at competitive prices. Discounts for high volume orders are available. Speak to a Scope Technologies representative for custom pricing by calling 877-697-2673 or order a PaintScope® report today at PaintScope.com.

About Scope Technologies-http://paintscope.com/

Founded in 2011 to help companies expand their business, Scope Technologies uses advanced mobile and cloud technologies to provide tools that help streamline processes with the ultimate goal of improving businesses’ bottom line. The Denver-based company’s visionary leadership, engineering and programming teams develop Scope Technologies’ state-of-the-art systems and programs for use in the cloud for optimal delivery and growth.

Paintscope Sample Report

Paintscope Report

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