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Slurry Solution

Outpak  Slurry Solution is specifically designed to help you save time, money and labor at your job site.

Our innovative product makes your slurry waste cleanup easier to manage and much more efficient. Just mix Outpak Slurry Solution into the slurry waste, wait a few short minutes for it to solidify and then you will easily be able to throw it away in any standard waste container.

The material becomes EPA compliant and landfill ready. It’s a win for our environment, and with all the time and effort you will save it is definitely a win for your business as well. Our Slurry Solution comes in the following packages: Four, 7 lb. bottles per box / Four, 7 lb. bottles per box, 18 boxes per pallet / 50 lb. bag in case.


Slurry solution

Great easy to use product. Worked very quickly.
- Joel Hamberg

Outpack slurry solution

The solution worked well to solidify a few quarts of old stock I needed to throw away. Took about 30 min from mixing into the paint to throwing the solidified paint in the trash. Convenient and will use again!
- Roger Coulter
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