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‘SNOT Tape

snot tape

Which ‘SnotTape Do You Need?

snot tapeThe key here is surface energy, which determines how well ‘SnotTape will stick to your surface. It’s hard for things to stick to a low-energy surface, and a lot easier for things to stick to a high-energy surface.

Primed, Flat or Delicate Surfaces are high-energy surfaces in which things are easier to stick. This version of ‘SnotTape requires less powerful adhesive properties. So, it’s safe for use on glass, steel and aluminum, as well as older surfaces.

Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss or High-Gloss Surfaces are low-energy, hard-to-stick-to surfaces — often touted as easy-to-clean. This version of ‘SnotTape has greater adhesive properties. You can also use this product on surfaces applied with washable or low level VOC interior paints.


While the name may be catchy, will this tape be the one? See what our readers have to say about ‘SNOT!

snot tape

I retract my earlier comment. Yesterday I used what was left of the roll of tape for flat paint surfaces and it performed very badly. Every few feet it pulled off not only the paint but the drywall as well. I spent 4 hours fixing this mess. Would I use this product again? No freeking way.I would not even rate this product after this disaster *Editors Note, see comment from 'Snot Tape below
- Christopher Nelson

Snot Tape

This product is perfect for taping stripes or designs, wish we had it for some previous jobs. This product is a very good design and definitely works.
- Steve

s' nottape

I used this product in an office setting and painted chalkboards on walls in conference room. The paint did not seep through tape and job was successful.
- David Emrick

Snot Tape

We use snot tape on a difficult exterior brick ledge. Wow, we got a razor sharp line even in the mortar joints. I see this as a very versatile product to use in the most hard to mask rough surfaces. The bead of adhesive contours very well to porous brick and textured walls. I will use it again.
- Roger Coulter

snot tape

On an rough surface snot tape is by far the greatest tape to use to achieve razor sharp lines
- Don


I used this on a a tub surround area with uneven tiles (the name of which escapes me at the moment) at the ceiling line and it worked out great for me. I would suggest a slow pull to remove it, because when I purposely pulled it fast to see what would happen, the adhesive came off in little"balls" in just a couple of spots and was annoying to pick off. It wasn't enough to say I won't use it again.
- Dan Schmidt

snot tape

used some yesterday and it did as advertised. worked great. I will buy more when needed. thanks
- Christopher Nelson

snot tape hard to stick surfaces

Fantastic adhesion to mortar on stone fireplace edge. Easy to remove and left a sharp clean line.
- Joel Hamberg

'Snot Tape

A tape truly unlike any other. 'Snot Tape's gel barrier will stick to just about any surface imaginable, while also providing protection from paint bleed. No other tape on the market comes close to the adhesive and bleed prevention capabilities of 'Snot Tape. A priceless item that is practical to any and every residential painter.
- Tristan Hamberg

Snot tape

Kept falling off the wall even after using a wallpaper roller as the box said. Would never use again. Will stick to the old method of tape and sealing the edges
- Dustin Bennish

Delicate surface

Put the tape on and it kept falling of the wall it just wouldn't stick on clean wall, freshly painted. On some places it took of the paint. Was looking forward to a good job now i have to fix more than expected.
- Mick

Snot Tape for Delicate surfaces

I would give it ZERO stars if possible. This would not stay stuck to the walls for more than 60 seconds, I had high hopes for using this on a fresh paint (4 weeks old), but my hopes were quickly dashed as it does not stick to be able to paint. I liked the idea, of the 2 sticky surfaces to block paint, but if they don't stick in the first place, it makes no difference. I'll stick with the tried and true Blue painters tape.
- Wayne Mead
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11 thoughts on “‘SNOT Tape

    1. Response for the review from Christopher above:
      Thanks for taking the time to speak with us about the issue you had, Christopher. We are sorry that you had a bad experience with our product. As discussed, the issue was likely caused by a combination of a weak bond in the corners and aggressively using the 5 in 1 tool. ‘SnotTape is pretty tacky, so you don’t need to be very aggressive when applying. We always recommend testing a small spot before beginning your paint project because as you know, you never know the quality of the surface you are masking. We hope you will give the product a try again in the future.

      The Team at ‘SnotTape

  1. I bought and used Snot Tape, however, I had to leave it on for several days (long story)…now the residue is super hard to get completely off my wall/ceiling. HELP! Any tips? Readers, heed the warning of not allowing the tape to stay on longer than 8-12 hours.

    1. Hi Billy, sorry to hear that you’ve had an issue using our product! Could you shoot us an email at so we might be able to remedy the situation? Rolling ‘SnotTape’s gel perpendicular to the direction the tape was applied is a better technique than trying to pull the direction the tape was applied, but we’ll gladly offer some more specific advice over email.

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