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So you want to hire a contractor?

So you want to hire a contractor?

Talk with several contractors and get quotes from each. Ask about
insurance and licensing.

Determine what will be done for each type area (any wood trim,
stucco, aluminum siding, walls of each room,
etc.) for:

– surface preparation

– priming; what primer (type and brand) will be used

– finish coat: type and brand, where the brand fits into the
manufacturer’s line (premium, first, second,
economy, contractor’s,
etc.) how many coats

For exterior work, what will be done to protect plantings; for interior work, what will be
done in regards to moving
furniture, protecting furniture

When will the work be started? And finished? How many painters will be working on the
job? What will the remedy be if the job is not completed on time?

What is the warranty on the work? Length of time, what type failures are covered, what
is the remedy if there is a paint failure?

Get names of previous customers from each contractor as references, and contact
them to get their recommendation.

Note whether the contractor was courteous and businesslike, punctual with appointments
or in returning phone calls, quality-oriented, experienced ,and generally interested in doing
business with you.

Then, take into account the information on each contractor and the asking price, to make an informed decision on which one to choose for your job.

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  1. Good article and people need to know there is a world of difference between a professional painter and a person who paints!

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