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Social Media Marketing- Amazing Tips To Create Great Content

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Social media is an exciting place to get your message across to the right people and create a seamless engagement with them. 

According to Google search analytics, the term, “social media influencers” itself in 2017 was searched for more than 300%. This shows the popularity of influencers in social media marketing Dubai, and the entire UAE with other countries such as Japan, Turkey, etc.

No matter what time of day or night, social media lets you stay connected to your sponsors, contributors, and clients, something that’s essential for any brand to survive in the long run. 

But social media is not simply about posts and tweets. Whether you manage your social media independently or through a social media agency. Following the current social media, strategies are necessary in order to stay relevant and competitive. 

Reaching maximum social media users

Social media platforms continue to evolve. What worked yesterday may not work today and certainly won’t in the future. You should know which strategies will best help you reach the maximum number of people online who can support your work. 

A good example is having a diversified content strategy. This means that your content should not focus on just one platform or content type. You need to create diverse content, including a good mix of posts, polls, blogs, videos, infographics, and tweets. 

A genuine approach 

The key is to be genuine. Gone are the days of heavy promotion on social media as most social media users are seeking genuine connections. Storytelling is a highly useful skill nowadays and lets you come across as a genuinely concerned organization.

Getting users engaged

Influencers, clients, and contributors like to see the difference they can make by following your brand on various social accounts. You can do that easily through the right social media strategy. A popular strategy nowadays is to use augmented reality and live streaming. 

Both these methods are highly immersive and let your audience experience the activities an organization is doing in the community. These strategies let your audience join the action and experience what it’s like to be doing genuine and meaningful influential work.


Nowadays, infographics are getting extremely popular on the internet. Try to create more infographics content on your website and share it on various infographics submission websites along with the reference links to your website. 

Sharing content

Regardless of which sector you are operating in, your organization can always benefit from sharing the content creating work with your audience. User-generated content is quite popular on social media and many organizations are inviting their followers to post their content on official company pages. 

Such a strategy leads to greater humanization of the social media strategy since a large number of people can relate to the social pages as an organic and human community.

This would mean adopting a liberal social policy of allowing people to post videos, contests, and comments freely without heavy regulation or censorship. 

The power of Social Media influencers

Social media influencers can help to promote a brand, an app, an event, a digital service, a personality, a social cause, and a whole lot more.

Social media influencers are those individuals who have a passion for a particular activity or hobby such as games, books, movies, tech gadgets, make-up, fashion, or food. Such influencers usually like to share their personal experiences and recommendations with their followers.

They share posts, pictures, and vlogs on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These influencers have managed to create a strong fan base of their own who value their opinions and actively connect and interact with these influencers online.

Educating the online audience

The best use of social media for a business organization is to use it to educate the audience about its mission, goals, and activities. 

It should also communicate information about the sources of funding, the screening process, and the ethical policies of the organization. 

Over time, this can help the organization to gain increased loyalty and acceptance within the community.  

As social media strategies change every few years in line with changes in social media algorithms, various brands need to adapt to the times and trends. 

To wrap up

Succeeding in social media requires conscious effort. It requires drafting the right strategies and objectives. You need to focus on social media dynamics, regulatory requirements, and client expectations. 

This can help your social media manager to come up with a winning social media strategy that puts your point across in the most convincing way to your audience.

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  1. I have been trying to do social media marketing because I realise it is important to market any business today, however i do find it very time consuming. Maybe I’m not doing it in the most efficient way.

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