Monday, May 20, 2024
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Social Media Part 1

I have been a member of forums for years, mostly Painttalk and Contractortalk and recently a new one, Remodel Crazy. The sharing of information on these forums is incredible. The range of experience in years and types of businesses is vast!

Where else can you post a question about a difficult procedure or new product at any hour and have several responses and opinions from seasoned professionals across the country almost instantly?

These professionals also give their advice freely to young business owners, helping them to navigate the sometimes confusing maze of Licensing, Insurance, Bookkeeping and Marketing/Advertising.

At Remodel Crazy, homeowners are encouraged to join and ask for help! These forums are like a community and members often end up meeting or doing business together!

Over the past few years I have seen a huge change in the way we do business. It used to be a word of mouth and handshake sealed the deal and a tradesman carried his tools in a satchel. Now he also carries a laptop and Websites, SEO, Keywords, Directory Listings, Targeted Mailers and Branding are part of his daily vocabulary.

The “face of our business” has now become digital!

In addition to hammering nails or wielding paintbrushes, callused fingers are now tapping keyboards!

One thought on “Social Media Part 1

  1. So true! I have been in the construction industry for over 15 years. I remember just walking on a potential job, asking if they let the contract out. Immediately given plans and ask to return with a bid. We operate like that for many years. superintendents moving to other company taking us with them, also PM’s and PA’s. Now that we have had a spiral down turn in our economy it has suddenly it become a new ball game. no more word of mouth just because companies were/are struggling and just need the cheapest bid.
    Networking was never a concept, sure I did it without knowing. Social media was never needed unless I wanted to have a cool site or just talk shop with others. How times have changed and all this has become vitally important to succeed in the world we live in now.
    Great topic

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