Sunday, April 14, 2024
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The little bag that could…

As the editor of a blog that often reviews products, I get a offers all the time from manufacturers to supply product. Being a painting blog, it’s usually, well, painting stuff! So imagine my surprise when Chic Buds asked if I would like to try their one of their Clutchettes. It will probably surprise a few of our readers that I am a female, with a name like Chris, it happens!

iphone walletBut for those that do know me, I doubt anyone can recall seeing me ever carry a purse! I usually use a wallet, and lately have favored wallets that hold my phone and cards like this. It works well most of the time, I can slip it into my pocket or my laptop bag (where I keep “stuff”). But when I go somewhere that I am not taking my laptop, and may need some “stuff” (hey, I am still a chick, we need stuff) I usually take a small bag, but I am bad at keeping track of it,  I always set it down somewhere and forget it.

I was headed for a conference out of town and thought I would try the Clutchette. I was able to pack my phone, id, cards, cash, mints and keys in very nicely. It was great because while I was walking around the conference, I could use the wrist strap to carry it, I’ve never liked “hitching” a shoulder strap purse. When we stopped for lunch, it was nice because the clutch was small enough that I could set it on the table rather than the ground or hanging off the chair (dirty and unsafe!).

So, as a clutch, I was pretty pleased, but it wasn’t until later that night, as a group of us were out sightseeing and as I was taking pictures and I saw the dreaded “10 % Power left”.  Thanks to the battery in the clutch, I was able to recharge my phone, take more pictures and keep my phone going all night!

Stylish, Practical and Useful! 2 Thumbs up!

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