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Top 9 Ways To Repurpose Old Content For A New Audience

Creating quality, engaging content for one’s site is an investment. It requires time to research, write, and edit posts. The content itself does not usually generate income, but it helps increase traffic to one’s website where a product or service is usually sold.

If the writer intends for the content to be viewed it also has to be SEO friendly; employing good use of Keywords and backlinks. This also requires some time, researching keywords and phrases, and perhaps even a small investment in SEO services.

When a particular article, blog post, or other content item is no longer generating traffic it can be a frustrating experience. Luckily, in many cases, a post can be repurposed to reach a new audience. Here we will look at the top 9 ways this can be done.

1. Update Keywords: Niches evolve, what people were searching 2 years ago may not be what they are searching today. Development or advancements in a certain area may also create new keywords that dominate a particular search area. “Keywords are not static, the way people search for specific topics changes over time. Not keeping up with this change will greatly affect one’s traffic,” writes Stacy Barnett, an SEO manager at Britstudent and Write My X. For example, a blog post about blockchain technology written five years ago will likely not include the recent implementation of blockchain technology by large banks around the world. People often search for real-world implementation of a technology while considering an investment in it. Updating the keywords can allow one to reuse a post, avoiding the need to create an entirely new one.

2. Turn Items In “Listicles” Into Articles: “Listicles” are very popular and for good reason. They allow reading to easily gather information about a topic. This being said, the individual items are usually short and not written with a great deal of depth. Taking specific items in a listicle and expanding on them to create a full article is an easy way to repurpose content.

3. Turn Blog Posts Into YoutTube Videos: One of the most time-consuming aspects of making a video is the research. Creating a video out of content that is already written allows the creator to bypass this step. A youtube video also affords the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Many people would prefer to watch a video than read an article.

4. Add Graphics To The Post: This works especially well for sites that still receive decent traffic but have older posts that receive little to none. Adding some visuals, such as infographics and charts, will make a post more interesting and engaging in the reading. This works by activating an area of cognition that can only be stimulated by visual information. 

5. Create Podcast Of Most Popular Posts: Podcasts have become very popular over the last decade. It allows people to stay engaged while at work, on the road, at the gym, or anywhere else where they cannot be in front of their computer. Taking the most popular pieces of content and turning them into a podcast, where the ideas are expanded on, is a great way to increase one’s audience as well as repurpose old content.

6. Publish Content On ANother Platform: There is nothing wrong with publishing old content to a new audience. “When expanding to a new platform many forget that they can use their previously created content for their new audience. For example, if one maintains a blog on their website there is no reason the same content cannot be uploaded to their LinkedIn profile,” writes Jeff Abrams, a content manager at 1Day2Write and Nextcoursework. Republishing previously written content to new audiences is an excellent and time-efficient way to reuse content.

7. Condense Articles Into Social Media Posts: The average attention span for social media posts is short. Posting an entire article will likely not lead to a complete read-through. Condensing the article into 3 or 4 main points that can be read under a minute.

8. Create An EBook: There is money to be made in writing E-books. But, much like content creation, it takes time. Using one’s old content to piece together an Ebook is an excellent way to create another revenue stream without the time investment.

9. Create A Monthly Email List: Sometimes older posts still contain value but are simply not overly visible due to the number of more recent posts in front of them. Using one’s email list to send out old articles to newer viewers who may not have seen older content is another good use of old content.

manMichael Dehoyos is an editor and content market currently working at PHD Kingdom and Academic Brits. He has built a career out of working closely with companies to develop a personalized marketing strategy that expands their brand awareness. Michael is also an author of numerous publications, many of which can be found at Assignment Help

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