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Google AdWords 101: Dynamic Ad Text For Mobile Devices

By on February 2, 2017 in Marketing, Uncategorized, Websites and SEO with 2 Comments

What exactly is dynamic ad text?

The easiest way to understand dynamic ad text is with a quick example. Consider the following scenarios: A property manager pulls out their iPhone and searches “local painting contractor”. At the same time, a homeowner runs the same search on their laptop.

Now consider these two potential headlines for your Google Ad:

In an ideal world, the homeowner would be served the first ad, promoting the online quote special. The property manager would be served the second ad, encouraging them to call a painter directly. This is pretty obvious, because the ad headlines speak directly to the type of device being used in each search. Dynamic ad text allows painters to set up this exact function in Google AdWords.

How are dynamic ads set up in Google AdWords?

Dynamic ads are set up using a Google AdWords IF function that tells Google what ad text to display based on a users device.

To start setting up dynamic ads, open your Google AdWords account, select a campaign and ad group, and create a new ad. Here is where things get tricky. Setting up dynamic ads requires a specific set up. Here are two examples.

  • {=IF(device=mobile,Call now to speak to a painter):”Top Rated Local Painter”}

The first example is a generic set up. The second example is how the dynamic ad text would be executed in our two ad example.Painters can follow this formatting to create their own dynamic ads. Just put the desired mobile and default ad text in the appropriate places, insert the text into Google AdWords, and you are ready to go.

Looking for more information on sett up dynamic ads? There is a Google help tutorial on the topic or the team at AltaVista Strategic Partners is available to help. They can be reached by phone at 443-960-4004 or by sending them an email to set up a no cost initial consultation.

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Vice President of Digital Marketing at AltaVista Strategic Partners
Aaron Hockel is a partner and the vice president of digital marketing at AltaVista Strategic Partners, a full service marketing agency working exclusively with commercial and residential contractors. AltaVista specializes in marketing campaigns designed to generate top of funnel sales leads. Their services include email marketing, direct marketing, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. As a proud PDCA member, Aaron and the team at AltaVista currently work with more than 40 painting contractors around the country.


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  1. Thanks for the tip, it definitely helps!

    • Aaron ahockel says:

      Glad the tip is helping you improve your AdWords performance! Let me know if you ever want a free consultation or analysis of your current AdWords strategy.

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