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PaintScope- A new way to estimate accurately

By on November 9, 2014 in Pricing and Estimating with 8 Comments

Eyeball vs Measure

Which do you usually do for an estimate on an exterior repaint? Do you measure or break out the different substrates?

Recently one of our readers had an opportunity to use a new technology after we posted this press release and he commented.

PaintScope hooked up Nick Dunse from Thinkpainting  with a free trial of their product, see what Nick has to say!

   I gotta tell you this is pretty neat depending on how you do an estimate.  To the Wag or man day guys and gals this could still help you big time.  Even if you measure on site if your day gets busy you forgot to take photos of the job or you just want to double check your numbers Paintscope will help.  How the scope comes after you place your order also can be more detailed as far as windows etc.
Going to send a crew to the job?  Hand them the scope they know have a detailed spec of how much trim and or body windows etc will be painted, with the correct colors.
Great way to dial in numbers on material as we all know paint is not cheap anymore so why guess at how many gallons are needed?
I give Paintscope 5 stars on customer service as well. Had some questions and also couple miscommunications and they were right there to fix them immediately .
I asked Nick what the customer’s reaction was:

The customer was impressed that I took the time to have all the measurements and emailed them to him on the other hand I think he was kind of freaked out about privacy …  Asked me how I could get that info.

I also asked about any downsides:
 I like the service but it can be pricey depending on what you want to do with it.  You can add your logo to the documents for an additional fee.
The other quirk is getting the right address as the way you do it with clicking on arrow which is a aerial veiw can be tricky.  They got the wrong house for me but they made it right.
I will use myself again.
Nick also supplied the report he was given.

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Thanks to Nick and Kathy at Paintscope for sharing!

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There Are 8 Brilliant Comments

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  1. Looks like great estimating software for painting contractors. We had our own custom software built and we were actually thinking of marketing it to other painting contractors. It works great for repaints.

  2. Ron Ramsden says:

    This looks quite detailed for a painting estimate. This could put you on a whole new level when providing an estimate for a customer who is comparing apples to apples and make you head and shoulders above the rest. Its always great to see new products.

  3. Looks like really great software to create estimates but I think only on the bigger jobs where it is more difficult.

  4. Rob Youness says:

    This could be very beneficial when quoting larger exterior’s when quoting a number of buildings such as HOA or Apartment Communities. I will keep this in my back pocket for a quick take off! Thanks

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