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3 Easy Steps to improve your Local SEO

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More SEO Trends and Tips to Apply

SEO UtahSEO is never a one-time thing. It is a series of strategies and efforts with a single goal of becoming more visible on search results. Search engines often change the way they see and rank websites, so naturally the SEO strategies you employ must also be adjusted. In this part, we are going to take a look at some of the latest trends and SEO tips you can apply.

Local SEO Is Hot!

Local businesses are beginning to realize the importance of local SEO because search engines are now valuing local businesses more. Instead of displaying the usual set of results, search engines now display local business and sites when the search is done from within the city or country.

You too can join the local SEO wagon by completing a number of simple steps:

  • Start by moving to a local hosting company whose servers are within the country or the region. You can then add a local .ca domain to further strengthen your local image.
  • Register for Google, Yahoo and Bing business pages. These business pages should include a short description, other details about your business and a detailed contact information. Don’t forget to add your address, the city and state you are based in, and of course a phone number.
  • Add local details to your site. The title of your site and the main headings should at least mention the name of the city or state you are based in. This will greatly boost your local SEO efforts.

When you are working with an SEO agency, be sure to work with one that has a sufficient local knowledge to help you. There are a lot of top SEO Canada companies that can help you tackle even the most advanced tasks at reasonable rates.

Meta Tags Are Not As Important As the Page Title

A lot of SEO experts seem to be pushing for more Meta tags. Meta tags are great for a lot of reasons. You can add a short description, add keywords to the <head> section of the site and perform other SEO-related optimizations using Meta tags. However, Meta tags will not work as effectively if you don’t use a suitable Title tag for your page.

Having a carefully designed set of Meta tags for a page that says “Home Page” on the title will simply not work. Search engine crawlers still take the title of the page as one of the factors they gather. Be sure to add relevant keywords to the Title tag in order to perform well SEO-wise.

Quality over Quantity

When it comes to building backlinks, simply aiming for as many links as possible is no longer the way to go. Yes, you can get thousands – or even millions – of backlinks over a short period of time; and yes, that will boost your site’s search engine exposure in a way. That said, the quality of the links you get are still far more important than the quantity. Links that are relevant and come from high-quality sites will perform much better than generic links from unknown, unrecognized websites.

As always, focus on good content!

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