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4 Important Google Adwords Extensions for Painting Contractors – Boost Click Thru Rates!

Call ad extensions insert your phone number directly into your ad

What do Ad Extensions do?

Ad extensions do exactly what their name implies by “extending” your text ads to include additional information about your painting business. This additional information boosts ad visibility and prominence leading to increased click thru rates (CTR) on your ads. Ad extensions are a proven way to generate more clicks on your ads and improve the performance of your Google Adwords campaign without increasing your budget.

For painting contractors, the most important extensions are sitelink, callout, location, and call. Here is a quick explanation and example of each:

1. Sitelink Extensions

These extensions appear as hyperlinks at the bottom of the ad and direct clicks to other landing pages on your website. An excellent example is circled in red below. A user might prefer clicking on a link to the testimonials or services page rather than the main link. The sitelink extensions are circled in red in this picture:

Google Adwords Sitelink ad Extension

2. Callout Extensions

Quick “shout outs” of information, callout extensions are a great place to highlight reasons to work with your painting business. Painters have to create their own callouts, but to save your business time, here is a list of 50 great ad callout extensions for contractors. “Spotless Cleanup” and “Free Written Estimates” are examples of callouts in this ad:

Callout ad extensions provide additional information about your business

3. Location Extensions

Exactly what they sound like, location extensions provide the physical address and hours of your business. This data is imported by linking your Google My Business and Google Adwords accounts. Here is an example of a location extension:

Google Adwords Location Extension

4. Call Extensions

A great way to generate phone calls, call extensions add your phone number right into the body of your ad. Call extensions have the biggest impact on mobile devices, enabling ads to launch calls right to your business! Checkout this example of a mobile ad using a call extension:

Google Adwords Call ad Extension

Ready to start using ad extensions?

Since using ad extensions is totally free, every painter running a Google Adwords campaign needs to take advantage of them. If your Google Adwords campaign is outsourced, be sure to ask your provider about your current use of ad extensions. If you manage your Google Adwords in-house, and want to set up ad extensions, Google offers free resources to guide you through the set up process. The Google Help Tutorial on ad extensions is a great guide and the Google Adwords YouTube Channel offers multiple videos on ad extensions.

Need a specific question answered? Feel free to email the author or post it in the comment section below. Expect a quick response!

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6 thoughts on “4 Important Google Adwords Extensions for Painting Contractors – Boost Click Thru Rates!

  1. Aaron, thank you for this article. I am new to Google Adwords and this was a great explanation. I didn’t know any of this with regards to extensions for Adwords. This is valuable content!

    1. Thanks for your comment and positive feedback! If you are new to Google AdWords, would you like to connect and discuss tips/strategies that will make a big difference in terms of your ad spend and success rate?

  2. I was happy to find your site. Being a professional painter and new painting tool manufacture. I was happy to see some information in regards to backlinks and SEO data. This information was great. I wish I was as good at SEO as I am at painting!!!
    Thank you! Ezra Pucci Paintman Industries

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