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Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint

Ben Moore Ceiling Paint


I recently had the chance to work with Benjamin Moore’s fairly new ceiling paint 508. Touted as an ultra flat paint specifically formulated for ceilings that hides common ceiling imperfections, it uses the Gennex waterborne colorant system making it a VOC compliant product in all areas. It has longer open times for more work-ability, leading to less laps with minimal spattering. Cure time to touch is one hour, with a one to two hour recoat time. I had the perfect ceiling to try this out in my own bathroom, in our family vacation home.



A premimum ultra flat ceiling paint

A Neglected Bathroom

It had been neglected for many years, and had seen some leaks leading to failures in the popcorn texture, and water stains. I removed the old popcorn texture, and skim coated the damaged areas after applying a coat of wall paper sizing to glue down the frayed gypsum wall board paper. After sanding smooth there were still plenty of flaws that I could see. As you can imagine the last thing a painting contractor wants to do on their time off is work on their own home, especially a vacation home.


ben moore ceiling paint
Flat Finish

Time to try something new

So I needed a paint that would hide as many imperfections as possible. I found this paint did a very good job at that, even with angular light coming in from the window.

Cured ceiling paint after two coats
This is the finished product after the second coat.


The results

It was easy to apply, and dried to a dead flat film. I applied two coats with a 1/2 nap, and I was really impressed with the flatness. At a retail price of $37.99 this is a high end ceiling paint, and it performs like one.

Since using this paint in my own home, I have spec-ed it in several other repaints and a new construction project JHC has coming up.

20 thoughts on “Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint

  1. I used this product Friday on a quick in an out job and found it worked well, not sure how well it may touch up but it applied fine.

  2. I have just finished a 3800 sq. interior that was last painted 15 years ago. I used B/M 508 on one floor.This product is a good dead flat but dries to fast for my liking.Long ceiling are a challange to make sure you cover at overlap.
    Yes, it is good to cover in one coat but 48.00 a gallon, please B/Moore can you up the cost.
    I use Pratt and Lambert Gold Pro product and lay it on heavy and get the same results at $25.00 dollars less a gallon.This has not failed yet after using for 5 years now. Happy Rolling!

    1. I used that paint for the first time last week and was not impressed. It works just as well as the considerably less expensive Glidden Ultra Hide 250 sold at Home Depot.

  3. This paint dries too fast. I primed and used two coats and have blotchy roller marks where natural light hits it. I am reading pros have the same problem and touching up is not possible as the paint is very absorbent. I will not be using it again.

    1. Same problem that I’ve had with it as well. I’m not a fan of Ben Moore’s Waterbourne Ultra Flat ceiling paint. we’ve tried it several times and keep going back to the Super Hide flat for ceilings. It’s the best all around for us (as far as Ben Moore paints go). Even if we are using premium paint (Regal or Aura) on the walls and trim, we still prefer the Super Hide for ceilings.

  4. Have used this ceiling paint extensively on brocade & popcorn ceilings needing a repaint. I apply with a 1″ to 1 1/4 nap 18″ roller as a 3/4″ nap seems a bit short and requires a few more passes. Never a failure or problem with this technique or product. It is more expensive but it is my fail safe one time and done product.

  5. Jeff,

    BM 508 always works for me – every time!
    3/4″- 11/4″ nap 18″ roller is my method of application.
    Love the very minimal spatter results when rolling.
    Know this product is on the expensive end of ceiling paints, but labor savings more than makes up for the product price!

  6. We usually use the BM Muresco ceiling paint but we were having issues on an older repaired ceiling. We used this BM product today on a large expanse, the owner walked in “usually hard to please” and said WOW. This is now our go to ceiling paint.

    1. Ron,

      Have used 508 for a long time.
      A more expensive product but it works every time!
      A true labor saver for us with fool proof & easy application.
      Your clients “WOW” is usually the case we have also found and once they see it the love it!

    1. This ceiling paint can be tinted to any of the Benjamin Moore colors. I just bought a can today in Silver Cloud to have my painter try on my ceilings. He’s skeptical as he usually only does white. I have seen this color on ceilings in several high end homes. Time will tell but I do not what a white, white ceiling.

      1. We’re currently using the 508 in Decorators White over medium brown ceilings. Two coats looks great! It’s not self priming, though, so spot prime prep spots. Time saving and easy clean up justifies higher cost for us!

  7. Beautiful product this is flawless. Easy to apply and gives the best look for a flat ceiling. Used it on a 70′ by 30′ ballroom with pipes and ductwork and beams. Turned out fabulous. A winner.

  8. I’m trying to paint a small area of the ceiling of a large living room. I took a small patch from the ceiling to my paint dealer who found a color of Benjamin Moore Select Flat that seemed to be a perfect match to the patch I gave him. Put some on the patch and can’t tell the difference. However, when I got home and rolled a little on the ceiling it didn’t work. Looks whiter and has a sheen compared to the old ceiling paint. I tried a slightly darker color and still saw a sheen. Could it be that the Select flat isn’t flat enough and I’d do better with tinting the Ultra flat ceiling paint?

  9. I just used this ceiling paint on about 300 sq/ft of ceiling, big, big ceiling! And it really was flawless, it covered really well over the primer in one coat and sfter applying the 2nd coat i couldnt believe how great it looked! No roller lines and you couldnt tell where i had done touch ups! I will definitely be using this paint again for future jobs! Totally worth the price!

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