Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Blogging-Are you becoming the expert?

Well my blogging buddies, here it is two months later and see how we have grown! Even in the midst of the busiest season for painting contractors, many of you have taken the time to create articles to build some great content. I do appreciate your support and look forward to adding new bloggers to the ever growing list of contributors.

I hope some of you are using the blogs here, either linking to your website, sharing with potential customers, personal enjoyment or for improving your business. We have made lots of changes with input from the members, and are open to any suggestions for new topics or ideas. We have some great product reviews lined up (Thanks Tommy!) and lots of ideas to grow the blog. Please leave any ideas in the comment section or contact me directly, I’d love to hear from you!

Some of you have asked about web stats, we are averaging 130 page loads a day, 50 unique visitors and 26 returning visitors each day. We rank highly for several search terms, with RRP and product reviews being the most searched. If you are monitoring your own web stats, you will notice that readers of Blogging Painters are going to your sites. Our hits come from Networked Blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Google +, in that order, so a hearty thanks to those that are sharing!

Others still ask me what the purpose of the blog is. I see more bloggers authoring articles that serve to inform others in the trades as well as their own customers with relevant and useful information. Using their names, websites, and relevant keywords,  I can see them ranking in local searches as well. So I am sure your customers will soon be seeing them! So you are building credibility and getting more content on the front page of organic searches, not so bad eh?

One of our favorite marketing gurus, Darren Slaughter, sums it up very nicely here!

If you would like to join us, sharpen your pencil and submit an article!

14 thoughts on “Blogging-Are you becoming the expert?

  1. I enjoyed Darren’s video. Concise, direct and very helpful. The name of the game on the internet is content. Content is achieved by blogging then getting found. Being clear on your key words is the beginning.

  2. Chris,

    Those are impressive stats – thanks for sharing. I also liked the advice from Darren’s video. The article and video are both are great motivators!


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