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Blue Painters Tape

blue painters tape

blue painters tapeThis high performance tape will not dry out or lose holding power but can be cleanly removed for up to 30 days. The available 3, 2, 1.5, and 1 inch widths are sold on 60 yard tape rolls that are commonly used for drywall, glass, hardwood floors and wood trim.

Presto Tape

Thanks to Presto Tape for providing samples to our readers.

presto blue tape

Excellent product. Used both the 1.5 & 2 inch sizes. Dispensed nicely, stuck to all types of surfaces and removed cleanly. Has a good feel that is a bit thicker than other brands. Will definitely use again.
- Joel Hamberg

Presto blue tape

I used both sizes and it worked pretty well for me. Had a little trouble with the 2 inch at first pulling properly. After about a foot it was fine. Just removed it today after 14 days and no problems.
- Asap painting

1.5 blue tape

Used on a hand scraped oak floor,was on a week.pulled paper yesterday,not one complaint!!
- Jeffrey

Presto 1.41 Super Blue Tape

I was not happy with this particular product. The tape was very hard to remove from cured casing sides that we masked to cut in the waterbased wall color. A slow 45 degree pull away left blue fragments along the whole edge of the surface. Scoring the tape did not help either. After that trial I attempted to try it on another room with previously painted trim. Same results happened after cutting two coats of wall color and only slightly brushing the tape. I wish I could find a positive use for this product but even after temporarily taping a plastic shield on a wall, the product left more blue paper fragments. Two stars because the tape did not bleed any worse than the competition. Thanks for the opportunity to review.
- Roger Coulter

presto R2

I was not thrilled with the tape. It acted alot like the old 3M blue tape, paint gets under it, and when you pull it off it breaks off in pieces. I personally would not use it.
- David

2" Presto Blue Tape

I initially had positive thoughts about the tape while dispensing it, however, that's where those thoughts ended. I liked the thickness and smoothness of the tape while dispensing, but my experience of applying it to a brass doorknob was frustrating. Where I would typically apply various types of tapes from Intertape efficiently, the Presto Tape did not stick well to the brass, which ultimately led to paint bleed on a large scale. Removal of the tape did not go any better either, as the tape refused to uncoil in one clean piece, and instead slivered into numerous small pieces. This lead to a frustrating and disappointing experience.
- Tristan Hamberg

Presto blue tape

This tape beats regular masking tape hands down! It has always been such a hassle to remove sticky residue off of woodwork after a job while trying not to nick the new paint job. This inconvenience is now totally eliminated!
- Timplex LLC

Presto tape

Worked nicely on exterior using in a hand masker. Interior wise uaing to cover baseboards, it tore in quite a few places upon removal.
- Michael Craine @ Craine Painting LLC
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