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Brush and Roller Covers

roller cover

Need a way to care for your brushes and rollers? Check out these covers and let us know what you think!

always used excellent product

I wanted to comment on the "brush away" product first. I use them every day at the job site. After brushing each day, I simply wrap the brush and put it in the tube, and it holds 3 large brushes, the 3" ones that I use. So for example, I have wall color, trim, and primer. That's 3 brushes. I might not use the trim until a few weeks after I start on wall color, so when I go to the tube and pull out my fresh brush, it's just like it was put in there for a day. No crustiness, no hardened brush, nothing. Also, if I pack up for a weekend, and come back on Mon to start again, all brushes are fresh like I left them. When I leave the job site and throw my painted brushes in my work bin, and take all my tools back to my van to go to the next job, usually my brushes get crushed and squished and often wrecked in transit with all the other tools. When I have 3 or so brushes in the "brush away" product, it protects and keeps them safe moving them. So simple! The same for the roller sleeves in the "roll away". A great example is the house I'm on now, I did the ceiling first, and then about a month later when I was done the walls and trim, I did final ceiling touch ups. Well, when I went to the tube and took out my sleeve, it was just like a brand new tube that had been stored in there for a day. This is a MUST for all painters, and all do it yourself home owners. I use it daily and weekly. They are simple and great! I am also renovating my own home, while I work as a painter. So about two months ago, I did trim at my place. When I took the brush and sleeve out of the tubes, same thing, just like I'd left them, not crusty or wrecked or dried out. With any do it yourself job, you don't get around to painting all that often at your own place as you're too busy. So this is ideal for that simple type of job. Keeps the brushes and roller sleeves ready when you are, with large amounts of time passing until you need them. Excellent product, I will use them for good!
- Kurtis Sanheim

Roll Away

Let me start off saying this is a very good product. We received our Roll Away last week and put it to work right away. Storing was simple and the clean up was awesome. We let a roller cover sit for almost a week and it was fresh and ready to roll. There was one thing that as a residential painter as my self thought it could use. It would be more convenient if there was an option to leave the cage on, other than that we have no complaints and we think the Roll Away is an excellent product. Keep up the good work!
- Neese's Painting LLC

Worked as Advertised

First impressions are always the most important. When I received the brush away my first impression was that it was rather bulky. Fitting it in the tool box wasn't going to happen and I'd have to make sure I kept somewhere safe from being crushed. I gave this product a pretty good test. I was on a job where I wasn't returning to for another ten days to finish up trim after the floors went in. I had two brushes in semi-gloss so I put one in the brush away and wrapped one in regular painters plastic. When I returned ten days later both brushes where still fresh but the brush in the painters plastic had lost its form. That's where the product shines. It keeps it wet while at the same time keeping the brushes shape. The same is true for transporting brushes home to wash. A lot of times brushes wrapped in just plastic get crushed and ruined, the brush away solves that problem. All in all its a good product that solves a problem. It's a little on the bulky side which means it needs to carry it's weight to justify keeping it around. The brush away did just that and I've been using it ever since.
- Ryan Briggs

Roll & Brush away

I received both products and I have to say what a fantastic product! It keeps the roller and brushes moist and it is so easy to store a away. No refridgeration needed or washing the rollers and brushes. These products are a house hold item! Thanks!! MC
- MC

Fantastic Product

Great product! I've saved so much time and money after purchasing Roll Away and Brush Away. Also, the environment is very important to me and by not disposing of the rollers after completing my small jobs, I feel I'm making a difference. Thanks 238 Distributors!
- K Friesen

Wow!!! Kool Idea

I have the Brush Away & Roll Away product and this has saved me and my company so much money in such a short time. With prices of everything constantly going up its nice to find something that can save the company money and time. Who ever came up with this had a great idea. I hope everyone tries this as they won't be disappointed.
- K Blazer

Roll Away

I put my trial Roll Away to the test when there was a month long pause in work on one particular job site. With my Wooster Sherlock cage it was easy for me to slip the inner plastic sleeve over the cover and give it a rap on the edge of my utility sink to release and slip into the outer plastic container with no mess or difficulty. When I returned to the cover a month later, the paint and colossus cover were just as wet as when I first stored it. It was equally easy to slip back onto the cage and with no mess. For this long term experiment it did serve its purpose and the product did do what it was supposed to do. I would like to see the inner plastic sleeve made out of a recycled or biodegradable plastic since you have to throw that plastic sleeve away if you're switching to another paint color. As an environmentally conscience paint contractor, I'm very aware of the amount of waste that I send to landfills and am always looking for more ways to reduce. I spend a lot of money on the best quality brushes and covers and want to get the most use out of them possible. I could see this product being useful for storing my ceiling paint cover from job to job but other than that I don't think it's a totally necessary addition to my work kit. I do love that someone is out there thinking about ways to cut down on contractors just tossing covers out after one use. To be completely honest though, what I've gleaned from various forums and groups is that some people will always think tossing their covers out after one use is the most efficient and cost effective way to operate and those same people seem to not give very much thought to the environment.
- Nichole Lovett
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