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Bucket Liners

bucket liners

bucket linersValley Pro Products as a company has been painting and installing wallpaper in the Shenandoah Valley for over twenty-five years. As professionals they understand the value of the “right tool for the right job.” To this end they’ve developed a new product line of disposable paint bucket and tray liners.

Cleaning roller buckets using traditional methods is time consuming, messy and allows paint laden water to enter the “waste stream.” Their liners save on costly clean up by creating a barrier between the surface of the roller bucket and the paint.

Designed to cling when properly loaded, the liner forms a tight vacuum seal against the interior walls of the roller bucket. After the project is finished the liner is simply pulled from the bucket and the leftover paint is squeezed back into its original container.

Their Eco-Friendly liners cut clean-up time to just one minute without water while keeping paint laden water out of the drain. They save on costly solvent clean up and limit water and ground pollution caused by traditional cleaning methods.

Liners are specially made to fit the Wooster® and Purdy line of roller buckets and Big Ben™ Tray. They are available online at or may be purchased through independent paint dealers.

bucket liners
Roger Coulter-RWC Painting

Have you tried these?

Let others know what you think by leaving a review below. Sal from Valley Pro Products  sent out a few to our product review team,  see what they thought!

Wooster speed bucket liners

These have been very helpful on keeping work moving and keeping our buckets clean with quick switch overs and product saving
- john orgill


Come on and stop.... NO ONE else thought of this first. An incredible time saver and certainly keeps the job site clean and looking professional. Always nice when the customer see a job moving along and its tidy and clean. Thank YOU for a great product. Everyone using a bucket that you have a liner for is flat out nuts not to buy these in bulk. Sherwin Williams? Ben Moore? Home Depot? Get these in your store so as painters we always have them at our fingertips. Thank YOU.... Jerry
- Jerry Fancher

Valley Pro bucket liners

This simple design is an absolute game changer for keeping productivity going. The liners function well and are designed to fit right. I use to dread cleaning our roll off buckets after work to save on labor hours. Not anymore. These liners absolutely pay for themselves and then some.
- Roger Coulter

Quickn' Clean Bucket liners

These do exactly what they claim to do. Saves time (and money) with a no mess quick cleanup. I was also able to leave my paint in the roller bucket overnight by carefully folding one side over the other and sealing tightly for a fast and easy startup the next day.
- Dan Schmidt

Quick n clean liners

These are much cheaper than the Purdy bucket liners. They cling well when following directions. Thick plastic that doesn't tear.
- Brenda Farley

Valley Pro Quickn Clean Liners

Tested the liners for the Purdy 18" dual roll off bucket. Purdy' s hard plastic liner comes in a 3 pack. Retails for $17-$25 depending on where you get them. These Quickn Clean Liners are seriously a fraction of that cost. Tested 15 of them, no tearing, no trying to fit a bulky plastic liner into a garbage can after the job, they work wonderfully! The best part for me, is the price. Here is my math- 5- 3 packs of hard purdy liners@$17=$85 3-5 packs of Quickn Clean Liners @ $5.65=$16.95 $68.05 in my pocket... That's a significant amount of money in my pocket every 2 weeks.
- Michael@Craine Painting LLC

Quickn'Clean tray liners

I used these liners in my Wooster Big Ben trays.. While I found there's a bit of a learning curve in getting the liners to seat just right, when you follow the directions provided, these liners are quite the time saver.. I'll purchase in the future..
- Brian Knapp

Quick' Clean disposable liners

After a long day of painting and its time to clean up, having one of these liners over your roller bucket will get you wrapped up quick and on your way home much quicker. Plus, you are saving water. Win, win!
- Danny Arey
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  1. Would love to try the liners for the Big Ben tray. I’m sure they will make life so much easier.

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