Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Open Mike

If you are involved at any level in the paint industry, and you are reading this, then you probably spend some minutes of your day in some shape or form as a participant in the social medial and blog spheres. And you likely understand that part of that involves being open to using the power […]

Response to Price and Value

Dana Autenrieth responds to some of the questions in the recent Open Mike post. It’s like asking, what’s the better car, a Toyota mini-van or a BMW 5 series sedan. The quick response might be the 5 series just because it’s three times the price, but unless you know the stated objective (e.g. hauling large […]

Price and Value with Dana Autenrieth of Benjamin Moore

I am pleased to launch the Blogging Painters Open Mike series with a portion of a recent interview I conducted with Dana Autenrieth of Benjamin Moore. Dana works in a leadership role in the Residential Contractor Segment of Benjamin Moore. Therefore, he has an interest in understanding the issues that are on the minds of paint contractors and clarifying misperceptions between contractors and the manufacturer side of the supply chain in our industry.