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Response to Price and Value

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Dana Autenrieth responds to some of the questions in the recent Open Mike post.

It’s like asking, what’s the better car, a Toyota mini-van or a BMW 5 series sedan. The quick response might be the 5 series just because it’s three times the price, but unless you know the stated objective (e.g. hauling large groups of people and supplies from point A to point B), the question cannot be answered. Aura isn’t the right choice for every job any more than SuperSpec is – what is important is having choices (across all brands) and understanding the inherent tradeoffs with each, then selecting the one that works best for the specific situation. Regardless what we claim, we know that in the end, the customer (contractor or DIYer) is going to decide if what we sell is worth it – our goal is to ensure we build value into all our products that makes them worth the “price” paid.

As for self-priming – all our premium products have always been self priming for most repaint conditions. Since Behr started the “paint and primer” phenomenon, more and more consumers simply want to know if the paint they are buying is self priming. As a result, we are moving that messaging to the front of the can and onto in-store merchandising. That said, there are always conditions that will merit the use of primers – we call those out on the can and/or on our TDS’s. We take our finish recommendations very seriously – everything we suggest has been tested – so we will not make a finish recommendation that we and the painter cannot trust. We get that the messaging can put painters in an awkward position if they quote a job based on the need to prime a substrate even through they are using a product that the consumer thinks is self-priming. This is where the TDS can by your best friend.

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