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Comfort Food, Comfort Colors

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A warm, steaming cup of coffee, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, chicken soup, these are all foods that are very comforting – they make us feel good! That’s what we want in our homes, color that makes us feel good. What are those “feel good” colors? Grab your coffee, sit down and come with me. We are about to embark on a delicious and colorful journey.

Other than the obvious beautiful colors that Behr paint has, the names are just too delicious to pass up. So, if you’re going to paint your home anytime soon and you’re not sure what paint colors to use, I’d like to suggest just a few.

I came across this photo while surfing and noticed that it was a very safe color scheme. I see what they did though, they pulled a color from the bedding which normally is a good idea but – when you’re bedding is just back, white and gray, it doesn’t leave you with to many options.

Now to get that comforting feeling that I’m talking about, you’ll need to warm up the color – a lot! I would use Behr’s Peanut Butter on the walls to add the warmth this room needs.

You can see the color is already in the artwork that was chosen so you know this homeowner already likes the color. How fun is it knowing you have “Peanut Butter” on your walls?

Another great thing about this hue is that you can can change your decor around and most colors will coordinate with it. It’s very universal!

Well, the only comforting thing can say about this dining room is that it’s not red! Aren’t you tired of seeing red dining rooms all the time? I know I am – it’s just so typical. But if you like red, think very, very light and perhaps this “pink” will work for you instead.

Melted Ice Cream is a unique color that will look amazing if you have dark, cherry wood or even a mahogany. Add brushed nickel accents to this room and it’ll be stunning! Your new dining room will be  a great place to enjoy your “Melted Ice Cream” by Behr.


Man caves, media rooms and basement playrooms are typically very dark colors. Let’s make them cozy by keeping it dark but choose a color that’s a bit on the trendy side but still very cool.

I going to assume that this is either a guest room or a young girls room. I’d cozy it up for sure with Candied Yam. Can you see the colors in the pillow? Just pulling it from there to make this room warm and inviting.

Another great thing about substanial color like Candied Yam is that in this case, color is the only decor you need. Keep the room very simple, neat and streamline. Beautiful.


So you see, choosing the right color for your home will make all the difference in the world! I choose color specifically for the homes in South Charlotte. If you live in MarvinWaxhawWeddington or Wesley Chapel, I can comfort you in knowing that together, we’d choose the RIGHT colors for your home.

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