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LeadCheck for Plaster and Drywall

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that LeadCheck is now approved to test drywall or plaster.  You can verify this by going to

This approval was in the works back in September of 2010, but wasn’t made official until a few days ago.  It seems LeadCheck had to do some of their own test, before the EPA felt comfortable.

The Renovation, Repair and Paint (RRP) Rule specifically states that you must follow the directions of each approved test kits.  Where LeadCheck uses a V cut on wood and other substrates, on plaster and drywall the instructions change.  You will need to make a pocket on the wall and let the reactive reagent drip down from above the pocket.

Hard to put down in writing, so luckily, we have a video

4 thoughts on “LeadCheck for Plaster and Drywall

    1. They are covering their tail 🙂 Gypsum and plaster contain calcium sulfate, which is a negative interferant. In other words, it interferes with color development. The same is true with lead chromate. The pink or red shade may not develop for several minutes with these interference.

      From OSHA talking about test kits … With certain paints, lead is difficult to extract, and it may take longer for positive results to develop. Examine the test surface 30-60 min after the test has been performed before assuming a test result.

  1. Thanks for posting the video, I added it to my site as well. This methnod is not new, I remember when the RRP law was ramping up the method and I believe this video or a similar one was around. Most people ignored it because the EPA said no to LeadCheck being used on drywall & plaster. Well anyway it is great news because the instant result test kit is easier to use.

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