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Disposable Car Covers

plastic-suv-cover_1 Universal Plastic Disposable SUV Cover (Fits Most SUVs). A cover with a tight elastic hem giving you a snug fit and a quick temporary solution.

This 16ft by 24ft cover can be used on anything from Patio furniture to SUVs as a temporary cover. Protects from any dirt dust or debris created by construction or a spring cleaning. 3 mil thickness. Source

The guys over at Car Covers provided a few for our readers to try out, see what they have to say.

Disposable Car Covers

This is a great idea to reduce prep time when spraying an exterior. (I consider extra prep work the same as down time and have to eat the cost.) Sometimes it may be a neighbor's car and unable to be moved so it needs to be protected and this is the quickest way available to get back to work.
- Tim Laur

Disposable Car Covers

Handy product to have when a car or SUV appears on Spray Day and the owner is unavailable. Quickly covers and comes off. I would be hesitant to use it on a very hot day however due to its thin construction.
- Michael Craine

SUV Disposable car cover

This is the kind of product you would hope to never need. And then you are spray painting the garage doors and the customers car is still there. Somehow forgotten in the busyness of their day and it could have been a mess. But this sure beats messing with a roll of plastic and hoping all corners were covered. Very easy to put on. We were very comfortable that the entire car was covered. And we carefully took it off and will use it again. Thank you and a great product.
- Jerry Fancher

Disposable Car Cover

This is an intelligent way to reduce prep time. I consider preparation to be up to 80 0r 90 percent of many exterior paint jobs and this is a welcome deduction of that expense.
- Tim Laur


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- samaron
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