Saturday, June 22, 2024
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DocuSign, Online Signatures

Most of you know me from writing about lead based paint, but I wanted to step outside the box for a minute and mention a product, DocuSign that painters may be interested in.  While a little pricey, it may make life easier for those who do a lot of their estimates, contracts, change orders via email or online.  You can even use it to get a signed Renovate Right signature :). A prime example of how it can work is closing sales.  After visiting your potential customer, you can email them an estimate and/or contract.  All your customer will need to do is follow the explanation included in the email to sign the contract online. If any changes need to be made before or after work commences, simply send your client a change order via email and you can get their approval (signature) in a matter of minutes. DocuSign even boast that closing rates can improve by up to 30 percent, because of the ease of use and is also a signature that will hold up in court.  Another advantage is you can save all signed copies electronically and send a copy to an email used for storage or use Carbonite to keep your records protected. While not for everyone, it can be a great addition for those who do multiple projects weekly.


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