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galaxG- Ergonomic Tools for Painters

ergonomic tools

Ergonomic Tools?!

We recently posted this article about being ergonomically correct and GalaxG was kind enough to send some samples to the Blogging Painters Review Team.  Our team will post their opinions here, if any of our readers have tried them, please feel free to share your thoughts by filling out the form below. Thanks!

The good and the bad

Here is the feedback that I got from my painters:\r\n1. They really liked the counterweights\r\n\r\n2. They didn’t care for the ergonomic handle that holds the brush. They felt the item was too bulky.\r\n\r\n3. They also didn’t care for the clip, no reason provided.\r\n
- Steve

Very interesting product

I was sent the GalaxG to run a test with my painters. I gave the tool to one of my lead painters that is very adept at finer detail work. He has been in the business for 17 years and is high quality driven in his finish work. As with any one, change was not something he was looking for. He has used the same Purdy brushes, roller pans etc forever. He did agree to try this out on a job. I asked for his honest feedback after using the GalaxG. He had many pros and a few cons to go over. He readily admitted that it felt wonderful in his hand. Ergonomically light years ahead of holding the brush alone. He did feel his hand was steadier as he would cut in ceilings and around doors and windows. He did say he was way more conscious of the brush possibly slipping and appear to almost tense up on occasion. He stated with constant use he was pretty sure that would go away. He also was not sure how he would store all the components in his bag without losing or ruining parts. Overall he truly liked the GalaxG and did want to keep it for future use. He was not sure if it would ever become a staple of his everyday use however. I am sure that is more a factor of change than the product not working. Painters do all have \\\"their\\\" way. Asking them to break a 17 year habit is not that easy. \r\n\r\nI would recommend this to anyone that has an open minded painter, a painted that has had any trouble with arm, wrist or shoulder discomfort in the past, or as a way to get a newer painter to have a steady hand on the cut ins they are required to learn. Very nice product and I wish you the best with sales and breaking in to the market. Thank you for the opportunity to try it out and if I get more feedback in the near future I will add that to my comments here.
- Jerry Fancher

galaxG- Ergonomic Tools for Painters

Let me start by saying the reason I didn\\\'t give the galaxG 5 stars was because it just had a feeling of being a little bit cheap. Now that being said, there are things made in a certain foreign country that aren\\\'t really that bad though, and the galaxG is one of them. When I first received the galaxG my first thoughts were mixed. I loved the concept, but thought I would loose sensitivity and accuracy. The reason I love the idea is, I\\\'ve been painting and doing home repairs for 25 yrs and I have pretty banged up hands. I have multiple broken bones in my right hand from boxing also. So the idea of something to help relieve the cramping and pain, I\\\'m all for it!! This galaxG definitely does allow you to paint pain free, and it did not take away at all from accuracy or anything really. I really do like it and the accessories, it\\\'s just the one and only thing is the price and the lack of quality feel it has, that I don\\\'t like. Otherwise it\\\'s great!! I would be willing to pay it\\\'s current price or even a few dollars more, for a little bit more of a quality feel to it.
- David Costello
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