Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Experience More Love With Video Marketing


Have you considered Video Marketing to sell your paint service or product? You should!

A recent survey that includes 230 marketing professionals and online consumers showed over 60% of businesses said they use video marketing. Over 90% said they will start using or increase their video marketing. An average of 61% of consumers said they would be more likely to share a video over text post. While these numbers sound enticing keep in mind that 61% said they were turned off due to poor video quality, not enough information or the video was poorly designed.

 A few reasons why you should consider using video to post on your Facebook pages and other social platforms.

  • video marketingVideo stimulates activity with conversation, Likes and Shares. The more activity with your post the more opportunity for a potential customers to view it and make contact with you. I would go as far to say it will increase your activity by at least 100%. From my personal experience Video marketing increased my organic activity by 300%. Over 60% of those businesses in the survey said video increased their organic activity.
  • Videos provides a powerful connection with your prospects while increasing your value. I have found it is much easier to close a high dollar sale with the groundwork of video marketing. Whether it be a video testimony or action shots of your projects. Videos will build trust and excitement with potential and existing clients. I can testify that customers have been more excited video marketingusing Ewing Painting as a result of video marketing. Over 90% in the survey using video said it helped prospects understand their service or product.

Let’s talk specifically about our industry. How many Paint Contractors do you see using video marketing? I would venture to guess that over 95% of Paint Contractors do not use video as a marketing tool. Most likely that leaves you somewhere between zero to three of your competitor are using video marketing. In this day and age I am baffled of how many Painting Contractors do not have a website let alone using video marketing.

Do you think using video will separate you from your competitors?

I went searching for video marketing tools while being heavily involved in local politics. I wanted to grab attention to create a following. Video marketing was successful in that arena so I decided to take it to my business. I tried a number of free video marketing tools and boiled it down to one called VideoShow due to the easy learning curve.

VideoShow is an app you can download to your device and start creating marketing videos right away. There is a free version of VideoShow but I would highly recommend you purchase the Pro version, It is less than five bucks. Remember the 61% of users that said they were put off buying a product due to video? 25% of those said it was due to poor quality. By purchasing the Pro version it unlocks themes, fonts and many other items but most important, it allows you to create the video in HD format.

VideoShow seems to be the most practical and user friendly while using it on your smart device. Like anything it just takes practice. The learning curve is little to none. Specially if you already use a photo editing app. Once your video is created sharing your video is a walk in a park. Straight from the app you can save the video to your device or post it instantly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social sites.

I save to my device (Note7) and manually post directly to Facebook and Instagram. I do this for better control of my content. Along with that I create a YouTube video of every video I make. I then use the YouTube version to post on my site and other blog sites. Understanding Google loves to promote it’s YouTube videos.

Ideally you want to keep your marketing video under 60 seconds. 21% of those that were turned off was due to videos being to long. Creating an average 60 second video can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Depending how detailed you want to get. I can spend two hours just because I enjoy it. I spent 20 minutes on this video.


Facebook video is one of the most effective attention grabbers. Facebook default has auto player on, many users don’t shut this feature off. Instagram is another effective platform for Video Marketing. Like Facebook Instagram has an auto player too. You will experience more Love and Likes with your video than pictures.

The end results, helping you close your deals.

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  1. This is a great strategy to bring customers in. We’ve been using on our blogs to create video content. It can be more entertaining for customers.Thanks for the post!

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